Nenu Naa Rakshasi

Nenu Naa Rakshasi

Abhi (RaNa) is a sharp shooter and a professional killer, who murders for money. Meenakshi (Ileana) who works in a coffee shop, has a dark side to her. She shoots the final moments of people wishing to end their lives and uploads those videos on the Internet.

Abhi (RaNa) is a sharp shooter and a professional killer, who murders for money. Meenakshi (Ileana) who works in a coffee shop, has a dark side to her. She shoots the final moments of people wishing to end their lives and uploads those videos on the Internet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Parima D (ca) wrote: Hilarious comedy about a sweet and nave Iranian guy who dreams of being an American hero..but gets framed and is headlined as a dangerous terrorist by conservative"Kox" News Network?????? lots of fun to watch!

Bruce B (jp) wrote: Most people put this in the category of supernatural thriller, well it didn't thrill me. To me the best part of the movie was the 2 car wrecks at the end. Funny thing is during the whole movie didn't see one cop, and hey do you know how to dial 911 Bozo, glad this one was a rental, and more glad I didn't see it in the theater. Not even worth the $1.00 movie theater. And if you buy it you more the likely will RETURN IT. 2 Stars Baby

CB M (gb) wrote: Highly entertaining caper-comedy with lead cast on song.

david s (br) wrote: The reality of immigration. The Lucky Country is selective in its largesse and many will struggle and fail. Most will strengthen and all are regarded. Eventually. But this hardship tale evokes a nujmber of strands of the human condition. A worthy antidote to Australia, the virtual travelogue and a worthy memorial to those who made it, and the forgotten who didn't. Europe and Australia had to combine to squeeze the talent into and out of Raimond Gaita, for which we should all be thnkful.

MarcAndr D (kr) wrote: It is a weird ride, If you don't have a base in the jacoban language you probably won't get what's going on, plus the post appocalyptic setting will most probably throw you off. But if you just accept the universe of the movie for what it is you might actually enjoy it. At times it does become very cheesy and/or over drammatised but as a whole it's a fun experience, just don't watch this movie expecting to see your everyday kind of flick

Matt R (fr) wrote: This'n was in theaters for about 2 seconds and it's irritating b/c this movie has so many great fuckin lines and I cant joke around with anybody b/c nobody's seen it. It's pretty degrading to women and the subject matter is nice and raunchy, which means there's a lot of take-away material for joking around later with just the dudes. Don't wanna repeat a lot of this shit in front of the ladies.

Louise H (kr) wrote: acting gold! trailer doesnt do it justice. very sad story, she wouldnt be hanged if it happened today.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: An ok exploitation film which does tell a story and have some effort put into the acting and craftsmanship of it all. Reminds me of Lolita and A Clockwork Orange a bit. I'd call it a B classic.

bill s (gb) wrote: Newman's just so damn good with help from other fine performances that even an idiot could direct them.

Joe A (ru) wrote: Blacula is one of the best examples of the 70's blaxploitation films refered to in today's politically correct times as Soul Cinema. Not only does it properly represent the era but, it is also simply a good horror flick, providing some legitimate chills and thrills, as well as, a bit of bittersweet romance too. As directed by William Crain, the tale of an African prince cursed to become the undead by Dracula himself and released from his ages old prison in modern day (at the time) L.A., is a very entertaining movie even without the added 70s nostagia factor. A big part of it's success is the casting of Shakespearean actor William Marshall (know to many of today's movie fans as The King Of Cartoons from Pee Wee's Playhouse) in the lead role. Marshall brings a sense of power and nobility to the cursed African prince, Mamuwalde and knows exactly how and when to bring the monster to life when called upon. He even succeeds in making him sexy and sympathetic at the appropriate moments. He is supported by a good cast that brings life to what could have been two dimensional roles including Vonette McGee as Tina, a woman who resembles Blacula's lost love Luva (also McGee) and veteran actor Thalmus Rasulala as a Dr. Gordon Thomas, a forensics investigator who is helping the police investigate a rash of mysterious deaths. Three guesses who's responsible for those. Sure it's campy fun at this point and the FX are cheesy by today's high standards but, that doesn't negate the work of those in front of and behind the camera. A classic of more than one genre.EXTRA TRIVIA: It was William Marshall himself who worked with the filmmakers to give the character nobility and is responsible for his origin's as an African Prince which was not part of the original script.

Zachary Y (us) wrote: Made Pinhead too relatable and too "human". the insane asylum sequels used for this, Exorcist and others is boring, and the "Hell" scenes were stupid.

Rameshwar I (gb) wrote: A movie not without its flaws with a biased unidimensional perspective based on the biography by Gerry Conlon one of the accused from Guildford Four. While the overall story is commercialized and worked around for dramatic effect, Pete Postlethwaite's performance as the protagonist's father was too good in some scenes. Though it is competently performed, well written and executed, the battle is already half won with just the knowledge on the premise and the ordeal the Guildford four and Maguire seven have been through in real life. Based on real life events following Gerald Conlon ( Daniel Day-Lewis) a carefree wild youth who is accused of the Guildford bombing and imprisoned after coerced confession. This leads to arrests of his aunt's family infamously known as the Maguire Seven along with his father Guiseppe Conlon (Pete Postlethwaite), a just man trying to protect his son. After his father's death due to harsh prison environment and depression, he vows to fight back on the system with the help of a convinced lawyer Gareth Peirce (Emma Thompson). The initial riot sequence was exhilarating pepped by a solid background score and hysterical atmosphere. The arrests, torture, trial and sentences leaves an emotional impact on the unjust treatment and fate of all the accused and some performances here are to be commended. But Pete Postlethwaite's portrayal of Conlon's father breaks the shackles, elevates the emotional depth in the movies and justifies the title. The initial scene where Guiseppe pleads the IRA men to forgive his son, the expression on his face when Gerald returns from England, the conversations inside the prison cell and the scene just before he dies are a few examples of his masterful performance. I can understand at a biographical point of view for a very biased approach, but as a movie which deals with other characters as well should have shown some elements of thoughts leading up to the characters in the system do what they do. Daniel Day-Lewis is reliable as ever playing a real-life character that goes through a transformation from an energetic wild youth to an introspective determined son. Terrifying but biased premise with a superb performance by Pete Postlethwaite

Martin D (au) wrote: Mr. Jones is a 1993 romantic drama film starring Richard Gere, Lena Olin, Anne Bancroft, Tom Irwin and Delroy Lindo, and directed by Mike Figgis.Mr. Jones (Gere) is a man suffering from bipolar disorder, a disease that affords him periods of intense emotional pleasure and expansiveness but which also results in periods of suicidal depression. Libbie (Olin), a doctor at a psychiatric hospital, takes an interest in his condition, and also in him.The film was released to mixed reviews; movie historian Leonard Maltin remarked that "Gere is fine, but his onscreen behavior turns this into The Jester of Tides." Indeed, Gere received praise for his performance as the troubled title character. Many critics noted that the film would've been better if the romance plot was left out, since it appeared forced and contrived.

Graham J (kr) wrote: Roeg's first film is a strange trip with a deranged Mick Jagger.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: I feel 'The Campaign' needs to push its political satire a little further in order to truly connect with its audience. But I'll let it pass for its genuinely funny moments.

Drew S (us) wrote: I honestly don't know if this is a 0 or a 5.

bill s (jp) wrote: Judd and Freeman are very good in this otherwise generic thriller.