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Neproshchennye torrent reviews

anthony b (de) wrote: Back in the 80's Mark Lester made decent movies and in 2010 he brings us this! :(

Alden T (au) wrote: The musical numbers help it rise above gaysploitation, but not enough to recommend it to crossover audiences.

Philip L (kr) wrote: Companion piece to the Ali Foreman doc 'When We Were Kings' focusing on the music festival of Zaire 1974. As much as the footage is good it's not until the later parts does this really get going with the arrival of James Brown - I only wish the whole of his set was released instead!

Rodrigo M (fr) wrote: Um filme sobre um Brasil que os meios oficiais dizem estar em extino. E eu quase tinha cado nessa...A fome total e absoluta no o foco. Mas se esgueira e espreita o tempo todo os personagens subnutridos.Mostra que mesmo com os programas do governo a fome no zerou. E no h quem no se doa ouvindo um coitado sem instruo dizendo que tem 28 anos (embora aparente 40) e NUNCA na vida comeu 3 refeies em um dia.Chamou minha ateno como, mesmo em locais distantes e pobres, o consumo principalmente de produtos industrializados. A presena do alcool e dos cigarros, tambm no passa despercebida. de se notar que os polticos aparecem nos bons, camisetas e outros brindes de campanha (nunca no discurso ou fisicamente). um grande filme no sentido humano e poltico. Esteticamente no se destacaria. Alis, confesso que no entendi o preto e branco. O filme registra a misria de forma simples e sem ir alm do microcosmo da vida miservel. No se preocupa em apresentar alternativas. Encara a dureza sem floreios. Como em outras obras do mesmo diretor, no h viles, no h heris, e h muita ignorncia (em sentido amplo).

Eunice L (kr) wrote: Lixo. Se queremos perder 1h e 30 minutos da nossa vida (C) ver este filme. A histria at (C) que no (C) m. Pessoas com fobias, que vao para uma manso (isto soa a toooooo familiar) tentar uma terapia alternativa desenvolvida por um psiquiatra e seu ajudante. suposto aqui encararem os medos. De salientar que os individuos que se esto a submeter a tal tratamento so todos alunos de medicina (o que me leva a perguntar como cairam eles nesta "terapia"). Pronto e depois comenam a morrer um a um. E para variar o assassino no (C) quem parecia ser e a personagem principal (C) sobrevive...o pior? Ver o filme. O melhor? Nada, nem Yune se safa.

Sachin K (au) wrote: Good film, my first from India and much better than expected

Ben G (mx) wrote: Very stupid but pretty funny. This is no Napoleon Dynamite.

Kurt F (au) wrote: 1/2/13 I really enjoyed this film. The character of the young boy is very endearing. It's cute to see him make decisions on how to spend his money. The only criticism I have it that the end becomes more fantasy than reality. That took a little bit away from the story for me. Still, it is a very worthwhile story to see!

bill s (mx) wrote: Martin adds some comedy but as a whole this is a rather flat action adventure.

Allan C (br) wrote: From the director of "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" and the star of "Enter the Ninja," "Revenge of the Ninja," "Ninja 3: The Domination" and "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan," Sh Kosugi, comes this very 80s style martial arts film involve cop Kosugi going after nasty drug dealers who killed his partner. Like his ninja films, the martial arts seems like it's being done in slow motion compared to the Hong Kong martial arts pictures being made during this same time (i.e. anything with Jackie Chan or Benny Urquidez). However, there is a cheesy charm to these types of film that did give me at least two and a half stars worth of entertainment, although I do have to say I enjoyed the Cannon Films Globus/Golan ninja production better.

Eric T (it) wrote: Just like with Click, I found the dramatic parts in this to be far better than the comedic parts. I didn't really find this movie to be too funny when it was trying to be. But I was genuinely moved by the serious moments.

Luc L (nl) wrote: A Canadian film starring Kiefer Sutherland. The film is average, not that thrilling.

Bill H (de) wrote: Excellent Film... Could be Vietnam but it is Boor war

Avneesh K (fr) wrote: A must watch movie!!

John A (us) wrote: Hitchcock's Rope, is based on the play of the same title, in which 2 students murder another student & then host a party with their victims parents & their former teacher. Originally based on a murder of a 13 year old boy by 2 wealthy teens. The cast's performances are exceptional headed by James Stewart. The film is edited exceptionally well that the film does feel like a stage play, especially from its many long shots. A nicely paced psychological thriller that plays beautifully as a play as it's supposed to.

Leon B (it) wrote: Review:I didn't really find this movie that funny. It just seemed like many other movies in this genre, with Kevin Hart rambling on like he did in the first film in this franchise. I didn't find the character that interesting and a lot of the film was corny. Basically it's about a group of friends who get together for a bachelor and hen party in Las Vegas. The couples separate and make the most of the Vegas nightlife, but they end up getting in all types of trouble before the wedding, which was also being held in Vegas. I wasn't expecting that much from the film because I wasn't a big fan of the first one. There's a couple of funny moments, like when Kevin Hart was getting down in his room like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and when the ladies were singing Poison in the club, but I still failed to find it that funny. On the plus side, I liked the chemistry between the characters, which seemed realistic, but it lacked originality. Average!Round-Up:After making such a profit at the box office, I'm sure that were going to see more movies in this franchise, especially as the storyline was left open. Personally, I think the characters aren't interesting enough to make another movie but thats just my opinion. Although Kevin Hart is pretty annoying in the film, he is the only person that makes it slightly interesting and funny. The other male characters didn't have that much input in the movie and the ladies storylines were pretty weak. Anyway, as a single man, I didn't really enjoy the film but I'm sure that there Is many couples that will relate to this film, especially on a date night out.Budget: $24millionWorldwide Gross: $70millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their comedies about a group of friends who get together for a night out in Las Vegas before a wedding. 3/10

Michael V (us) wrote: Samething I said about the first Fletch movie. If it was anyone else playing Fletch it wouldn't have been a good movie. But Chevy Chase is brillant when it comes to humor like this. I admit, the movie is stupid, but that is wholly what I love about it. Sure, if you want a more realistic mystery story, watch the first one. But for purely enjoying Chevy Chase's ridiculous antics, this one surpasses it. I can't imagine any other actor who could have pulled this script off and made it anything worthwhile. I think the best part about Chevy Chase as Fletch, is that he lives out those crazy ideas we sometimes get (such as convincing someone of invisible squealing bugs (greatest part of the movie by the way), simply telling someone their house is on fire, and marching into a corporation like you own the place), and he gets away with it when most of us don't dare in the first place. Perhaps the people who can't enjoy him simply don't get the same temptations, and therefore can't see why he appeals to those of us who have to repress the desire to introduce yourself as a famous sixteenth-century astrologer or tell a fellow passenger on an airliner the the pilot looked safe while he parachuted out of the jet.