Nero infinito

Nero infinito

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Nero infinito torrent reviews

Jim D (mx) wrote: Really well done documentary about Leonard Nimoy, obviously focusing mainly on the Star Trek portion of his career! If you are a Trekker you will love it. And actually, others should enjoy it as well...even if you are only on the periphery of Star Trek fandom! :-)

Jason H (fr) wrote: A nice fun movie about a girl and her goblins. Suffered from a bit of a jumpy ending, but overall I enjoyed it.

Jay B (ru) wrote: i loved it, it is a guilty pleasure of like remember those FB pics that try to offend everone at once well heres a whole movie kinda based off the game.

Joe C (kr) wrote: overcomplicated plot and dire acting from all involved makes a film with some nice ideas and brief good moments all seem a little out of sorts. You can see far better action films and better van damme films for that matter. One of the saving graces is van dammes performance is the best acting on show, but at times that showcases why the film fails also. There is no fallout or resoultion either to the very abrupt well thats done with ending.

John N (au) wrote: A good film but I feel like it would mean more to me if I was in the film industry.

UN B (au) wrote: The characters were cute but the story is worst

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Gary Sinise gives a terrific performance.

Christina B (de) wrote: One of the best movie ever made!!! I watch it on Laserdisc at least once a month...don't be jealous- from Ryan.

Blake P (es) wrote: When you have Jeanne Moreau and Franois Truffaut working on the same movie together after "Jules et Jim", isn't that a good sign you're gonna get a pretty darn good movie? Moreau plays a bride that is taking revenge on five men after they killed her fiancee on her wedding day with a sniper. No matter how merciless, she uses different techniques until the deed is done. "La Marie tait en noir" is an excellent thriller which you could say definitely is like Hitchcock. NF says this movie is romantic, but its not, so don't even get tricked. You can even compare this movie to "Kill Bill". Director Truffaut actually didn't like this movie at all, and when critics at the time panned it, he resented it. Luckily, this film has gotten a way better reaction over the years, and that is what it deserves. This is obviously a low-budgeted movie, but with all the stuff going for it, it really doesn't seem like it. Jeanne is absolutely brilliant as the sick minded bride, and is so believable in her role. Though this could be a far-fetched movie, she makes every scene seem real [somehow]. Similar with Hitchcock killing scenes, every murder is done with caress. "Kill Bill" is just filled with gory sword fights, but this one has everything from a plain stabbing to a bow-in-arrow to the back. As strange as it sounds that I'm calling it amazing, the cinematography and score make every bit as creepy as it can get. That's excellent filmmaking. "La Marie tait en noir" is a taut, suspense filled thriller that is a must-watch among French cinema. Since it's not available on NF, look it up on YouTube for a decent copy. Recommended.

John M (es) wrote: A film all about voyeurism. Hitchcock touches on this subject in almost all of his films, but "Vertigo" uses it in a way to completely hypnotize its audience and get lost in the daze of Jimmy Stewart's character, and Bernard Hermann's score drives this daze that encapsulates the overall feeling of the whole film. While it's easy to laugh at the plot and macguffins Hitchcock sets up, it's humorously done and intentionally, and there's so much more to look for under the surface of this noir-mystery drama. I don't know if the plot is constructed as thoroughly as it could have been, but I will not deny that "Vertigo" is a cinematic achievement that will truly stick in your memory more than any other film of this era, and is one of my favorite films of all time.

Lauri L (nl) wrote: I've been told that John Ford didn't show respect to actors and maybe this fits in here as the characters in this movie are turhlessly handled by the social group they are associated with and have not much say in their own fate. Overall in the filmography there is lot to see, characters remain distant.

Michael M (kr) wrote: I am not a brony, but a friend and I watched this documentary in an attempt to find an answer to the simple question "why?" Well, we got one. The fandom, while I'm not a part of it, is actually quite a fascinating thing to witness. I may not be interested in the show myself, but I now understand why others might be. I also now see just how much they like it, and how much of an impact it has had on the personal lives of millions. It's a very well-constructed documentary with a variety of personalities and a brisk pace. It also makes some interesting film choices, including having animated segments with a pony professor explaining things. I don't usually think of documentaries as fun, but this one was very fun.

Ludwig S (it) wrote: Groe Schauspielkunst, aber z.T. sehr wenig berzeugende Story!

Bill C (au) wrote: Strange movie. It was just a payday for SJ. He just ditty bopped around acting like chopping off fingers was nothing out of the ordinary. I dint quite understand what emotion he was trying to portray, if any. It was totally detached. Felt like "Hey, lets hurry this up, I got a meeting coming up, cant be late." Decent plot, bad directing.

Mohammed B (br) wrote: why Shailene why!! why did you do this one! heartbroken...

Sean D (ca) wrote: Open Water was impeccable garbage. And was so for a number of reasons not short of including things such as, but not limited to; the world's dumbest and most stupid people. The latter of the plot is just completely horrible and stupid. Our married main characters are so stupid, especially the guy and the film just wastes so much time and it's so boring. Pass this film immediately and don't look back!