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Nerone torrent reviews

Sandy K (mx) wrote: The suspense builds well as a young American tour guide in Greece in 1962 realizes that the wealthy couple he met are not what they seem, and the trio become increasingly linked in a tangled web (and increasingly unhappy in their inability to break away). Some surprises, an unexpected ending, and some strong acting by the three leads; but ultimately the meandering plot felt weak and slightly disappointing.

Chris D (us) wrote: Wow this is one film that shouldn't of been made .. Jonathan Bennett is no Ryan Reynolds 2 star rating is only for the cast of good looking ladies that are in it lol

Mark W (it) wrote: Major step down, the character changes were evident and personally I didn't like it. This movie also took an even further step into children's entertainment as even some of the wit had been chopped out. Ah, well the writers are at fault... Not the best movie and it was little dumb, but still fairly cute in some parts.

Don S (us) wrote: Ridiculously banal "thriller" (and I use the term loosely) with below average acting on the part of the entire cast - which is inexcusable for Hopper. It plays like a TV movie of the week, with poor production values and horrible pacing. This is classified as "mind-bending," and I'd have to agree in one extent: "mind-bending"ly boring.

Daniel R (ca) wrote: Rating: 9.5/10Think of this movie as Sin City for adolescents; so minus most of the profanity and violence, the black and white, and the sexual content. But that's not a bad thing in this movie's case. This is a tale that plays and speaks like an detective comic from the '50s. It's brilliant and dripping with style, which is impressive considering it was made for less than half a million dollars. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is outstanding, but he almost has the movie stolen from him by the equally impressive Nora Zehetner (Laura). This is a must-see.

David S (es) wrote: It's a boring one. The gritty image quality makes it hard see a lot of what's going on.

Callum M (mx) wrote: Probably Laurel and Hardy's best film.

Sarah K (us) wrote: Movie takes a turn in unexpected direction 2/3 of the way through and i kinda lost interest at that point.

HungYa L (kr) wrote: Spider-Man talks too much as usual but this reboot is good.