Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare. When the game begins to take a sinister turn, she finds herself in a high-stakes finale that will ultimately determine her entire future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jana J (ca) wrote: Watching Dinotasia and the only way I can think of it is as a visual comic book like Dinosaur: Age of Reptiles. I can understand the bad reviews if you thought it was going to be some kind of documentary, but it's actually pretty damn funny with good CG all things considered.

Don S (kr) wrote: A very interesting and cool idea, but the movie is very slow. I actually started skipping chapters to get to the end.

Flora B (ca) wrote: same usual slasher full of utterly stupid, stupid people...

Eric H (ru) wrote: "Ladder 49" is by no means a bad movie and as a matter of fact, it's a professionally made production, with some good actors in it, but it's just that everything in the movie is very formulaic and all the typical clichs you could expect in a movie about firefighters are present here. The movie has no real surprises in it and because of that none of the emotions come over as real. Also compared to "Backdraft", this movie is totally obsolete. It adds nothing to the firefighter movie genre ( if that even is a genre). "Ladder 49" and "Backdraft" are two similar movies in several ways but "Backdraft" is the better one simply because it has better emotions, character building and sequences featuring fire. It however is of course not fair to compare this two movie just simply because they both are about firefighters. I understand that "Ladder 49" and "Backdraft" are two different movie made with different intentions. However "Ladder 49" is self to blame for this constant comparisons. It copies elements and scene's from "Backdraft" and obviously tries to top the movie in every way possible. Mission failed though...

Greg W (fr) wrote: this was the first up series pix that i saw and then went back and saw the early ones

Art S (nl) wrote: This is the first Frank Borzage film I've seen and I'm told it is atypical of his usual hazy romantic fare -- but to me the gauzy romance is still here, just layered on top of a noirish plot with expressionistic effects and lighting. It's a bit of a weird mix (and as some reviewers point out, verging on a Night of the Hunter mise-en-scene, but not nearly as good). There are things to like (Rex Ingram as Mose, Allyn Joslyn as the Sheriff) and things not to like (adults playing teenagers, the sullenness of the lead). Worth a look, but there would seem to be other places to start with Borzage.