A young man arrives at his father's mansion in Louisiana to discover that a secretive cult is using winged creatures to raise the dead to do their bidding.

A young man arrives at his father's mansion in Louisiana to discover that a secretive cult is using winged creatures to raise the dead to do their bidding. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor M (mx) wrote: Swedish films are not so common, and a Swedish comedy film more, and if It is a really funny one, you have a real bonus.

Perrine B (us) wrote: Ca commence tellement sur les chapeaux de roues qu'on croit avoir rat (C) le d (C)but. Lui qui s'enfuit et elle qui court aprs. Elle ne veut plus le lcher et pourtant on comprend vite qu'il lui a fait une saloperie. En fait Camille a d (C)cid (C) d'aimer le premier venu. Et c'est Costa qui s'y colle. Pourtant ils ne viennent pas du mme endoit : elle jeune bourgeoise de 20 ans et lui pre paum (C) ancien junkie avec des tendances violentes. Elle le suit donc jusque dans sa ville. Elle ne le lche plus. Elle y rencontre mme son pre, son ex-femme, sa fille, ses amis. Elle s'incruste partout o elle peut pour continuer essayer d'aimer son (C)lu. Pcq si elle ne parvient pas l'aimer, sa vie est rat (C)e. On a vraiment bcp de mal comprendre Camille. Ce qui devrait passer pour un sacrifice de soi se transforme plutt en caprice d'enfant gt (C)e et rebelle. Des actes insens (C)s vont s'encha (R)ner, pour tenter de sortir de Costa de ses galres, mais elle ne fera que l'y enfoncer plus. Il y a tout de mme qqs situations drlissimes. F. Damiens en agent immobilier pervers est g (C)nial. Le rle multi faces de Cyril, le policier, est intriguant. La fin est adoucie par une remise en libert (C) de l'tre d (C)sir (C) plutt que par une fuite volontaire de ce dernier.

Brady S (gb) wrote: I hated the scene where he pukes on Judy. That alone is not worth a star. You could've cut that whole scene and you wouldn't of missed a thing.

Josh S (mx) wrote: Not actual role models (Andrew)

Waleed A (it) wrote: some funny parts but mostly terrible and very stupid (3 viewings)

Ralph R (au) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

bjesna b (gb) wrote: a sta ja znan... podsjeca na dosta toga...

Chris T (ca) wrote: ive got it just not seen it yet. part IV was great.

John B (us) wrote: A hokey but very cute film about the man who can talk to the animals. The two headed llama and the giant sea snail are obvious fakes but they are still a delight for the kiddies. Rex Harrison is his usual charming self.

Justin B (mx) wrote: It's stupid, but so was the original; and with far more creatively gory bits I'll take this one any day

Colter L (fr) wrote: Message-wise, this is a great movie. Movie-wise (by todays standards) crappy. I mean, the basketball was stabbed, and then seconds later its filled with air. What's that all about?

Jaymes M (ag) wrote: I acctaully like this movie. The book was way better, if you ask me if they had just stuck to the book it would have been a lot better. The whole "it was all a dream." storyline was stupid and totally discredits the sequal to the book Myron. So it's no wonder Gore Vidal disowned it. However I guess since it was the late 60's when it was made transgender women just wouldn't be understood just yet. I read somewhere that Candy Darling of Andy Warhal's factory was dying to land this part she did make a few screen tests but was left bitter when she lost it. Saying this " I guess they thought Raquel Weltch would make a better transvestite." All in all the movie is anything but dulll, if you ask me the worst crime a movie can commit it's being dull.

William R (ru) wrote: A light hearted "Mad World" version for kids in a family style. Very entertaining

Christopher B (nl) wrote: His movie scares the hell out of me.

Jorban J (ru) wrote: Exactly what a movie like this should be: full of cliches, bullets, and fast talkin'.

David K (us) wrote: Fuck of movie! A Pathetic excuse of a found-footage Scifi mystery.

Tim P (nl) wrote: I do like a courtroom drama.

Tricia R (au) wrote: Be prepared to get comfy before you sit down and watch this musical. It is a classic musical full of 3 hours of a range of emotions. The core values of family and love lie at the center of the movie, and seeing the characters develop and change around these values really gives Fiddler its great reputation.

John T (ca) wrote: The return of the magnificent seven was always on a hiding to nothing. How could it ever match the the first film ? To this day , the first film is still one of the best movies ever made. This is a lazy attempt at trying to emulate a classic. It lacks any real characters and the story along with the action is dull and badly thought out. It's not all bad though. Yul Brynner is still mesmerising , as is the wonderful musical score. Apparently Yul Brynner told the director , Burt Kennedy , that he would not do this movie if Steve McQueen was involved and sadly this movie cries out for Mcqueen . If only they could have sorted out their differences this could have been so much better.

Lorca S (au) wrote: I love Colin Harrison's books, so seeing his novel 'Manhattan Nocturne' reimagined as a film was thrilling to me. Amazing actors - and an incredible performance by Campbell Scott in a surprising role. Well worth checking out!