A TV network cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor's ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit.

Network which was produced in 1976 supports us some information about a television network exploited cynically and disclose the secrets needs hidden of media to bring their profits. Can their intrigue be stopped in time? Let's enjoy this movie to discover by yourself! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Candice M (au) wrote: When I initially chose to watch this movie, I was expecting very little of it. However--bizarre as the general plot may be--I found the film's sense of humor to be quite clever and witty, and it sported a number of interesting quotes throughout.

Emily D (ca) wrote: Great movie! Paul Bettany, James McAvoy and Kirsten Dunst are amazing actors :) Sam Neill is also great :)

Pete S (kr) wrote: A dark, gritty and sexy thriller starring Meg Ryan in a totally different role for her. Quite good, similar to the thriller Sea of Love.

Jessica S (jp) wrote: Not to bad of a thriller, worth a watch.

Eric H (gb) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid, maybe 13/14 in which I could still fill the gaps and magnify the story by sheer force of imagination and innocence. Today I saw it again as a young adult and while the film-making doesn't shine and the acting isn't as top notch as I had remembered it, the movie still delivers a warm feeling. This is the type of movie that unfortunately doesn't get made in Hollywood anymore. A simple premise,contrived scope, time frame and number of characters and an optimistic view of the world and people. As a child this perspectives filled the TV and cinema,everything had a moral and the bad guy was always defeated. Today, the movies don't carry the same idealistic view on human nature, preferring the darker(some will claim more realistic) approach on character and plot development. I rather that we had stories of hope than displays of human atrocities

Preston F (ru) wrote: Hands down Christopher Reeve's best work as an Actor! This movie is also one of the best Romance films never talked about! The plot idea alone for this movie is such a breath of fresh air! Can't say 1 negative words about this movie... I'm trying, but I can't!BRAVO!!!

Benjamin S (mx) wrote: Some good moments in this really early Blaxpoitation film.

Matthieu C (it) wrote: Jacques Perrin tait tonnant l'poque, et Claudia... Et ben c'est Claudia, quoi...

Eric R (jp) wrote: The Big Night tells the story of George La Main (John Drew Barrymore), a teenage kid whose rather meager and awkward. On his brithday, his father is severely beaten in front of him by Judge, a sports writer who performs the beating in George's fathers own bar. The father shows no resistance to Judge's actions, but George wants revenge. The Big Night is a rather great, different type of coming of age story which uses the tropes and the Noir genre to effectively deconstruct masochism. Essentially we follow this head strong kid who goes out to avenge his father, and through a series of events learns that things aren't exactly how they appear. It's not 'The Servant' in terms of dynamic compositions, but it still has some great sequences in terms of how Losey's positions the camera, choreographs the scene, etc. The best example I think of is the scene where George's father is beaten. Losey doesn't show the beating at all, but instead opts for a single long take, focusing on the face of young, George witness his father being caned, only providing the sound and one's imagination as to what George is witnessing. I think the character George is just a fascinating endeavor in itself: The way he rehearses his toughness in the mirror, for example, or how he mistakenly insults the black singer at the night club by basically telling her that she was gorgeous, in-spite of being black. He's a character whose innocence and desire to be tough really shine through, making this sort of deconstruction of masculinity effective.

Matt B (jp) wrote: At nearly 3 hours, Alexander is a painful, unbearable experience replete with over-the-top acting, boring conversations, and lots and lots and LOTS of scenes where characters yell and cry at other characters. This never ends. It is literally ENDLESS.It's a terrible movie, but it may be one of the best worst movies ever made. Despite the overacting and the length, the sheer spectacle of it is very well-done. I try to review movies on Rotten Tomatoes like I'm a real critic, though, and so I truly can't recommend a movie this egregious. Oliver Stone has made much better movies in his day. Let's all just pretend that he never made this one. It's a cold, repulsive turkey.

J M (fr) wrote: Despite the ratings, I think this is a cliche movie. There are way too many of these.

Roy C (de) wrote: Skateball, Chicani legends, and cute electric ears. It's up to this team of sporty kids to rescue alien sphere Bodahi, pole vault over electric fences, and take down the corrugated blue leather horror that is Strictor Grock, scientist-wench Shandray and her killer drilling robot Terminack.

Adam R (us) wrote: A unique thriller that shows the same story from several different perspectives. It feels like you are solving a puzzle as you learn more from each perspective. (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)