Neuilly Yo Mama!

Neuilly Yo Mama!

Samy moves from the underdeveloped crime-ridden French suburb to the riches of Neuilly.

Sami Benboudaoud, 14 ans, vit heureux avec ses potes dans sa cité de Châlon. Hélas, le destin l'arrache un jour à son paradis, et le propulse dans l'enfer de ... Neuilly-sur-Seine ! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Neuilly Yo Mama! torrent reviews

Christopher B (us) wrote: An exceptional tale based on real incidents.Another Ron Howard Film.

James B (ag) wrote: Somewhat interesting documentary about a bunch of artists with little in common, except for their friendship. At times, the film comes off as somewhat of a self promotion society. Also, like a lot of so called 'outsider art', the film is very self aware in a kind of annoying manner.Some of the art work in the film is quite nice. Other art, not so much. Recommended to modern art fans.

Keysha H (es) wrote: This movie is so dark and somehow funny. I love it!

Shawn R (ag) wrote: This was a funny movie.

Bheema D (ag) wrote: What the Critics Consensus says.

Frances W (au) wrote: what an odd..odd..les movie. In the very beginning, the girl (short hair) I thought was femme turned out to be more on the butch side. the girl i thought was butch (bushy-eyebrowed blonde) turned out to be more of a femme.... and she turned straight later in the movie, apparently. Whatever happened to "bi now, gay later"? ha ha. Hmm... the panting during the tournament scenes were really distracting...Really boring film...sorry to say.

Karen B (de) wrote: I realize this is a highly rated movie, however I found it hard to follow. Lots going on, multiple actors talking at the same time, just confusing.

John K (fr) wrote: Arielle Holmes's story is interesting and the 70s feel of the film works, but there's no real story here, as we just watch the never-ending monotony of the cycle of drug use. There's also a real struggle to empathize with the lead characters, given that they use and exploit everyone around them in an effort to support their habits.