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Neuland torrent reviews

Evelyn J (gb) wrote: i love the books. But i hate the movie. I mean if they changed the director, screenplay, costume designer, and maybe the special effects it wouldn't be so bad. Oh wait never mind because the cast would still be terrible.

Mlissa A (ag) wrote: pouhahaha ca a tellement l'air poche ! Jveux voir !

Simona G (us) wrote: Mh. L'impresa di questa trasposizione era ardua. Forse troppo anche solo per pensare di osare. Credo abbiano fatto del loro meglio, alcune trovate sono apprezzabili. Per perde cos tanto, cos tanto...

Michael D (ca) wrote: Anselm Kiefer is one of the world's most compelling artists, living or dead. This film attempts to capture Kiefer in various working settings where the viewer is essentially accorded a "Fly on the wall" view of some of his processes. There is some exceedingly pretentious musical overtures which actually distract rather than enhances Kiefer's powerful work, but thankfully most of the film is shot without music. There is an unfortunate disconnect between Kiefer, the filmmaker and the audience since he's never confronted and never offered the opportunity here to articulate and pontificate about anything at all. I've seen interviews with him and he has a lot to say and furthermore he's quite eloquent. One of the most surprising things here is the element of danger that pervades Kiefer's working process. He and his assistants are shown working with all sorts of dusts and powders by the bucketful with no masks or protective gear in sight. Similarly, the scenes where they are all smashing huge plates of glass while Kiefer prances around in flip flops is unnerving, to say nothing of all the heavy lifting of material so heavy that it could easily crush and kill anyone should even a minor mishap occur. The reward here is a rarefied tour of incredible art as it is being created and finished. Kiefer is clearly a hands on artist and his dedication is as praiseworthy as his amazing artwork.

Daniel J (mx) wrote: This is a movie that left a good taste in my mouth. Even though it was a simple movie, it was also original, well acted/directed, and funny!

Loh C (nl) wrote: Is it a blessing or curse to be the son of a great man?

Tristan D (jp) wrote: Unless you watch the Anime Series, and possibly play the Card Game, you will not get into it as much as those who do follow the series.

Bryan D (it) wrote: although the story is well-written and the movie is well done, I don't feel as though there is a climatic moment of relief. this movie has a great cast and great acting with great directing and a decent script as well as good character build.

Grg W (jp) wrote: surprisingly a very good movie. on my version it says its rated PG though. i'm not sure why they said that, cuz there's a bit of crazy stuff that goes on. people getting killed with scissors, the main chick getting raped, and the ending which is quite good.

Jackson S (br) wrote: Wow.... Terrific ending and quite possibly the most masterful film I've ever seen.

Yuri B (mx) wrote: Prime example of an 80's cult classic film.