Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf

This film dramatizes the true story of Farley Mowat, when he was sent to the Canadian tundra area to collect evidence of the grievous harm the wolf population was allegedly doing to the caribou herds. In his struggle to survive in that difficult environment he studies the wolves, and realizes that the old beliefs about wolves and their supposed threat are almost totally false. Furthermore, he learns that humans represent a far greater threat to the land, and also to the wolves, a species which plays an important role in the ecosystem of the north.

Research scientist Tyler (Charles Martin Smith) is sent to the desolate Canadian tundra to find out whether the local wolf population is responsible for decimating Canada's caribou herds, only to learn about the true beneficial and positive nature of the species. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Never Cry Wolf torrent reviews

Ramey G (ru) wrote: I soo wanns see this mo0vie

Ching L (br) wrote: Very cheesy and downright ridiculous, but that's the whole appeal of the film really. A bunch of American teens doing stupid stuff when they are on holiday. Very youthful film :)

Karrald G (mx) wrote: Always keeps you on your toes and is a great movie for anyone of any age.

Kevin S (it) wrote: It's good but not great.

Jessica R (au) wrote: pretty good. weird ending

DC F (de) wrote: I saw this movie years ago and when I saw it again recently, I forgot what a smart and overall great comedy this was! The story was solid as was the acting and the dialog was hilariously witty. James Caan is the real reason to see this as steals every scene though Jeff Bridges and Sally Fields also performed very well!

Asif K (nl) wrote: not interested at all ....

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: A pleasant biopic about Father Flanagan and Boys Town in Nebraska. Unfortunately, the movie is overly sentimental and Mickey Rooney's performance is way over the top. Still worth a look though.

Matt S (kr) wrote: phenomenal film scare the he'll out of you

sam d (gb) wrote: cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James L (de) wrote: I was torn between liking this production and thinking it's just another science fiction film...but in the end, Event Horizon pales in comparison to the genre greats, but still stands out as unique enough to be called entertainment ! 2.5 stars

Thomas P (jp) wrote: a good grisley man moooovie!!! :)

alex f (nl) wrote: ive never seen a film never stray from its plot/character... a huge asshole wins a gold medal... boom!