Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break is a 1941 film about a man who wants to sell a film story to Esoteric Studios. On the way he gets insulted by little boys, beat up for ogling a woman, and abused by a waitress. W. C. Fields' last starring role in a feature-length film.

Fields wants to sell a film story to Esoteric Studios. On the way he gets insulted by little boys, beat up for ogling a woman, and abused by a waitress. He becomes his niece's guardian when... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brion H (de) wrote: Whether you lean left or right-its important that everyone sees this.

Sam D (ru) wrote: Essentially Sleeping Dogs: the movie. This has some fantastic action and the overall concept provides a nice back drop, though the story itself is muddled and fails to provide the punch it hopes. Also in the cons is the soundtrack, which ranges from fitting (distorted guitars for the action) to completely off the grid terrible (80's sax over the dialogue!)

Christian B (us) wrote: Pure, unadulterated fluff, and extremely well written fluff, at that. Has a simple, consistent method of taking every tried and true gag you've ever heard in a gay movie, and pushing it somewhere just a little bit different. This gives it a wonderful balance of familiarity and quirk, resulting in a (slightly naughty) feelgood family comedy for smart, consenting adults who just want something well made, yet undemanding.

Luciano G (nl) wrote: This is not top of the class but it is good fun for what it is...for fans of the genre.

Cheryl C (us) wrote: not too bad. little different.

Des S (jp) wrote: This was very similar to First Daughter, but I enjoyed this more because the adventure was more exciting and the chemistry between the characters was better.

Kaya E (fr) wrote: Visually stunning and action packed. One of the very best movies I ever saw.

Adam R (jp) wrote: (First and only viewing - 7/13/2012)

Andy P (jp) wrote: A sometimes turgid, often transparent thriller carried by an immediate pace and a handful of chilling scenes with Laurence Olivier's memorable villain.

Pavandeep S (kr) wrote: This film is just brilliant, amsterpiece and downright awesome. A must watch.

Jos M (mx) wrote: Agradable comedia sin muchas pretenciones que logra entretener.

Tristan D (de) wrote: They use less routines and try out more sight gags in this one. Plenty of wild antics in the desert and a great finale. Not much else to say about it although it is a personal fave. Good stuff.

Becs D (ag) wrote: A film that can determine many layers, depending how much of a deep thinker you may be. It's metaphorical, it's a message, it's a really big hint to the controlled masses, it's a study of personalities and an internal struggle. Fight club is a memorable, one of a kind film ... is it really about a fight club?

Kim U (de) wrote: Wat een onsamenhangende tv-film, vergeleken met andere tv-rampenfilms zoals 'Days of Destruction' en 'Flood'. Ondanks de cast is deze film niet van zichzelf te redden. Hij viel heel erg tegen.

specter s (au) wrote: Madison County starts off with a group of college students on a missionto discover the truth behind a tell-all book which outlines a string ofmurders that happened in the remote town. Sounds promising right?Wrong. Unfortunately the dialog is so bad it is painful to watchbecause you feel bad for the actors. The camera work is shaky (and notin a good horror movie way), but just looks cheap. The director triesto develop the characters, but the dialog is just so bad you can'tdevelop any connection to the characters and in turn the first half ofthe movies drones on without any reward.Maybe the only redeeming quality is that it isn't too long, so youwon't feel like you wasted too much of your life.

Waldo I (ru) wrote: It's not a great film; hell, it's barely a good film. But if you're looking for a crummy old noir, you'll enjoy this one.