Never Mind the Wall

Never Mind the Wall

Germany 1982: The country is divided into two parts. Nele, coming from West-Germany, travels to East-Germany where she meets Captain, singer of a band. They fall in love with each other, but the regime "takes care" of their relationship, meaning: They can not see each other again. Germany 1990: The country is reunited. Nele starts searching their lost love...

Germany 1982: The country is divided into two parts. Nele, coming from West-Germany, travels to East-Germany where she meets Captain, singer of a band. They fall in love with each other, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny L (ca) wrote: A vacuous and trite effort whose central flaw is a vapid and inauthentic performance by Shia LaBoeuf, whose talents in mounting silly protests far exceed any skill in imagining the reality of military service. Any experienced soldier can smell phony a mile away and this is a deplorable concept that is realized by amateurs motivated only by a disgust with America that transcends all other concerns.

Bront Y (it) wrote: Really quirky. Like most of Steve Buscemi's projects. But this one wasn't as great as a lot of his others.

Private U (mx) wrote: An interesting film, but it drags towards the middle and makes you loose interest.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: In an unfamiliar territory, everything's a big challenge.The film was inspired by the American legend Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo. They sail across the oceans to the Arabian desert to take part in a race. This adventure tells their new experience in an unknown territory competing with the greatest riders of the region. Alongside a misunderstanding leads to an unexpected confrontation. From there, how they escape and make back to home halfway across the world is the remaining film to disclose.A different kind of western that takes place in the original timeline of the cowboy culture which is the late 19th century. But the film has only one cowboy, because of where the story sets in. This film came straight after LOTR. Viggo Mortensen was good and his stunts were excellent. The initial parts that commence in America was heartbreaking and I liked the conclusion as well. It reminded me the animation film 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'. Though the film was more about Frank Hopkins and the horse had a good influence on the story as the film title suggests. Long film, but worth it. Surely won't be a waste of time to give it a try.7/10

Luca B (de) wrote: A good concept spoiled by flairless actors execution and lack of spice, which tries to be complicated but ends up being just average.

Mique W (jp) wrote: It's what you'd expect from Von Trier, punishing, deliberately paced and mostly misanthropic. Though Dogville may lose audience attention due to an extremely unconventional setup and formidable length, there is a lot of gold here and the ending alone renders this film worth a recommendation.

Galvy F (it) wrote: Erin BrockovichWhen we just know we lack the experience to do the job. When we don't know what hits us when we least expect it. When we know whom to see when we are referred. When we don't want to know the results until we see it or hear both sides of the story. When others automatically know what this is about when we are broke. When what we don't know we lose out on. When others know exactly our situation when, but the deal is too sweet to pass away. We just know if you were in our shoes you would do it too. When we know we need extra help and money when it's overwhelming enough. When what others don't know won't hurt them. When we know where to go for people like us looking for a job. When others don't want to know when we are a hard ass. When we don't know what's going on, that we have to investigate. When what others don't know won't hurt them, as long as we know it. When we know others could use a helping hand or hand out. When we know our kids are in good hands, when we can afford it now. When we been down this road before, to know that we ain't going there. When what we don't know we know and it snaps us right in the butt. When what we also don't know how fast and snappy and smart some people are. When what we don't know we are informed but we don't care for others opinions or discomfort. When what we don't know could get us in trouble or fired, when others are uncomfortable with them around. When we don't know worst possible situations, we know others whom have our back when we least expect it. When what we rather not know or don't know, we stay away, as it's self assuring. When we know how to be a parent, but don't know how to be a friend or neighbour. When what we don't know or do know, we can't help ignore when they are big. When we know our role to always ask permission from the boss. When what we don't know we investigate further. When we don't know what we are looking at just yet, until it is revealed to us. When what we don't know we go to the experts. When we know somethings better than others to know how to gain access. When we know to go to the source. When what we don't know how to do, we get fired from. When what others don't know, we reveal to them our deepest thoughts and feeling when they start erupting. When others fill us in of what we didn't know, and what many people didn't know, we find our opportunity to investigate further. What we didn't know will cost us, when something so big is going to take up a lot of our time and our idea. When what we don't know others tell us. When what others don't know we inform them. When we don't know how big it gets, when word spreads and we are informed there are many. When what we neglect, we know why others are upset. When going up against giants, we know will be costly for ourselves and others. When we know how to mark this occasion with what we know best, a cake. When what we don't know or do know about being sincere, polite, and considerate we are doing it for them as equally for us. When what we don't know the lives that it destroyed when we are too busy thinking about how much the cost is. When we know we are small fishes in a shark pond. When what we know is getting us more worked up when all eyes are on us now to win or just be more decent. When we know we have to go to the source, get evidence when access is restricted and tight. When what we don't know, might get us harmed when others threaten us. When what we know, we can get but we are too busy dealing with other people's responsibilities. When sometimes people just don't know that we have plead our case to them. When what we don't know, it is revealed to us in a sweet, deep and loving way of what we don't see and are missing. When what we know, we just can't miss out on, and what we do know we are missing out on many things. When what we don't know, we can't be responsible for. When we have know whether others knew and provide evidence of whether they chose to ignore it. When not many people knew, from the law to its locals. When we know what's best and what's good to know what a company did was irresponsible and reckless. When we know also from what is good, but we plead our case to others but they don't know why they want us here. When everyone has a case on somebody when they know they take the selfish route. When we don't know how others do it, and don't care when we got other things more important to take care of. When we know we have to see this through, when much is on the line. When what we know we are passionate about, that we don't want others to handle it. When what we know, doesn't man we are not decent about knowing and presenting it. When we don't know how much this case is effecting us, that we can't separate us. When we do know every client we have seen or is invested in us, we know more then others personally. When others don't have touch like others, we know whom we trust or rely the work on. When we know how to work solo our whole life to not know how to work as a team. When somethings we didn't see or know was coming, we are angry at how things are being handled. When we know somethings, but others don't seem to see. When we do know the people need a strong leader, voice of reason and some one whom will put us ahead of their own interests. When we know we are acting selfish, and bad that what others are doing is helping those in need whom are in worse conditions. When we do know we have to meet, talk to every individual who was affected and get them on board. When knowing is half the battle, but the direct source siting next to you that can help you know more can win it. When what others don't know or are away from, they won't get far when e are in their face and asking the questions to get answers. When what others might presume, we know they are wrong by proving it and making them feel unfit for the job. When what we do know we show others and those mostly affected what payoff this was. When we don't know, those whom fight for us actually makes us feel better and stronger to heal. When we do know how hard we have been working when the payoff is rewarding. When what we didn't know what others are thinking to know now. When we know we have the best boss and best employee in the world, and the payoff is being on a team of winners.

Jodi H (br) wrote: Watch this if you need a good cry. So Sad! (or was I just pms'ing?)

Jordan K (mx) wrote: In the late 90s, Leslie Neilsen had some awful films he was in, like Spy Hard and this wretched comedy. Disney had the same. Their live action films were awful, such as The Big Green and Meet the Deedles. But maybe the worst Neilsen and Disney comedy was the one and only Mr. Magoo.Mr. Magoo, a classic cartoon about a blind elderly man, was never really funny to me or anybody I know. The one joke was all it was centered on and the formula for this joke, which wouldn't be funny in any cartoon, didn't work well. The film doesn't work any better, as Neilsen plays Magoo, a canned vegetable entrepreneur, who stops some bumbling jewel thieves along with his nephew Waldo. The film's jokes are so cheesy and old that it's near impossible to laugh. Magoo goes in several disguises in one scene and none of them are funny. The whole movie is a disgrace to the world of cinema, and that's all I can say.

Gavin S (fr) wrote: Pretty boring movie. He wasn't the most interesting historical figure, nor the most moral.

Logan A (ru) wrote: A very misleading title in that there is nothing close to any sort of "city" of zombies in this movie. There are however some very zombie-looking ghosts that utilize bad special-effects and extremely vague supernatural powers. Apparently if a pastor hangs himself, this will cause zombie-ghosts to haunt people in various places for no particular reason. There are also some really dumb sub-plots that seem to lead absolutely nowhere when they conclude.Stupid, pointless and lacking any real sense of logic, City of the Living Dead is another example of Italian Horror from the 80's that was very quick to put style over substance. Only watch if you're a fan of that genre.

Brittany M (br) wrote: loved the book, didn't watch the movie

Marilee A (ca) wrote: This is one of my favorite La Liz performances.

Jack G (ag) wrote: Only thing it was missing was Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo. Just beat it...

Nathaniel R (br) wrote: One of the most endearing and adorable movies of the Disney classics, Bambi is a film that never gets old. There's plenty of enjoyable characters and fun scenes that are entertaining to watch. The films lacks a structured plot but nevertheless the movie had us invested with daring chases and a lot of emotional appeal (rest in peace Bambi's mom). None of the characters sing a musical number, unlike previous Disney films, but it's still a beautiful soundtrack with good additions like "April Showers" that couple with the film nicely. It's also a step-up animation quality wise from Dumbo and features some effective animated sequences like the forest-fire and Bambi's battle with the other deer.

Regina J (nl) wrote: The character of Eva Green is vapid, she is moody, sullen, and short sighted. She is not compelling and spend more time making dream eyes than actually looking for a cure. Too self-absorbed to have any real empathy for anyone.The movie stays with you, like acid reflux.

Justin S (au) wrote: Grossly overrated; do tricks just to join the eye? FBI agent was fifth member all along