Never So Few

Never So Few

A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.

Captain Tom Reynolds and his band of skilled O.S.S. operatives are in WWII Burma to train the Kachin natives in modern warfare. But jungle combat, particularly against a Japanese army as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Never So Few torrent reviews

John B (us) wrote: Enjoyable. Don't understand the bashing about the plot. Found it really good an engaging.

Mathew N (kr) wrote: Better love story than Twilight. The film is a combination between Edward Scissorhands and Titanic, it's a romantic love story that will leave you in tears.

JohnnyLee T (br) wrote: One of the funniest and (in a different light) most tragic movies ever. Two heterosexual actors play the gay leads magnificently. And (for the most part) it's true!

Daddiesboy2009livecom D (fr) wrote: Not quite the movie for me.

Colin B (ca) wrote: Wow. Awesome. See it. Makes my wife hungry.

Steve G (it) wrote: Christian Slater goes method...

Aislinn O (es) wrote: oh my God Sash Mitchell the wife beater from Step By Step..nice

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Such a fantastic collection of A-list actors, and an interesting premise buried under emotional mumbo-jumbo which actual medical students wouldn't have even half the time to attept. But it does have a feel-good ending.