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The sixth chapter of Jingi Naki Tatakai series With the endless power struggle. The extraordinary combination of Kinji Fukasaku and Bunta Sugawara, along with new ideas and a strong touch of realism, created the sixth movie of the series that describes 'The War of Hiroshima Gangsters' which had lasted almost 30 years after World War II. It can be called the Japanese secret post WWII history. It focuses on the ugly, violent inside struggle of the Yamamori Group of 1959 in Kure City, Hiroshima. Director Kinji Fukasaku, the master of portraying violence and humanity, said "Having making the five previous movies, I found those characters very interesting. So I took a deeper look into them this time." He made this shocking movie with high enthusiasm and revealed the core of gangster's struggle which has never been touched before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Sowmya A (ag) wrote: I know where this raunchy soap opera drama finds it's inspiration from, 1974's 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore'! By it's poster and name, Nurse Betty seems to be the most boring movie for anyone to care about in the least but when we begin to watch it, we discover that it's actually fun all along. For most of the time we do believe in the naivety of the blonde concerned in the movie. We suddenly begin to reinstate our belief in all the jokes concerning the level mental ability and sanity of the blondes. What we don't believe in is how this cherubic Renee Zellweger could be called thin when we have to concentrate really hard to find her waistline to be within the thin-limit. The story, like a roller coaster, goes on wildly but in the end we all put everything together to find this to be a heartfelt story of a traumatized young woman. I really loved the funny duo Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock in their father-son gangsta roles where they kept on fighting amongst themselves after goofing up their missions one after the other.

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Angela V (ru) wrote: it had a really interesting grasp on the westernized world's displacement on the grand scale. it definitely stirred many thoughts in my mind. a good film to watch if you want to exercise your mind.

Todd D (gb) wrote: If you are looking for a movie that will make you smile without having to think then I suggest you watch this

Leonardo Malacay S (au) wrote: Algo muy diferente del seor Cronenberg pero muy bien hecho, buenos actores en buenas actuaciones.Nalgadas

Scott A (gb) wrote: A nice follow up. Somewhat darker and deeper but still suffers being for a younger audience.

Cassandra M (us) wrote: For me, this is the best film of all time. A superb cast of the UK's finest character actors and an A1 script.Peter Sellers was truly magnificent as the left wing union shop steward and Terry Thomas excelled in playing the two faced Personnel Manager. Among his classic comments are "The Management have behaved like absolute stinkers" when talking to the union and " They are a complete shower" when talking to Management about the unions. Another fine comment is when on being told that some bigwigs are visiting the factory, Terry Thomas replies "You better spruce the place up a bit, you know soap in the toilets, that sort of thing".I must have seen this film at least 20 times and I never grow tired of it. Great story, fine comedy and great acting. Never has a film handled the issue of industrial relations in such an amusing and pertinent manner.

Bill P (it) wrote: If you have ever waited in a restaurant or just want to watch a silly but decent flick, checking out Waiting....

Thomas G (de) wrote: With good performances from Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, as well as competent writing and direction from Nancy Meyers, The Intern is a perfect example of a 3 out of 4 star movie; it's a surprisingly entertaining but uncomplicated film. I can't object to most of the many criticisms levelled at it, but the movie's a genuinely pleasing and kind-hearted experience if you're willing to give yourself over to it.In following a 70-year-old retired man who can effectively resolve just about every problem Hathaway's character faces, it has justifiably been criticised for having an outdated, paternalistic bent. Part of the reason the film fails in this regard, I think, is because it tries to deal with both aging and gender roles and doesn't consider how a nice idea in one context (lonely old man reintegrates into society by helping those with less life experience) can be ill-conceived in another (perfect man repeatedly saves woman). Still, the film is so gentle and charming my critical impulses were mostly disarmed for the film's running time. The most troubling moment is Hathaway's character's (much-discussed) speech in which she proclaims the value of traditional masculinity and expresses sympathy for the supposed infantilization of contemporary men. What she fails to discuss is how this may be seen as a by-product of the privileges afforded men within a patriarchal system. The issue is not, perhaps, that men have been disadvantaged and can't grow up, it's that the benefits they receive by default mean they don't have to grow up. Regardless, it should be noted that this speech is given when the character is dangerously intoxicated and the De Niro character himself doesn't actually really fit within a traditional idea of masculinity. He's professional and chivalrous, sure, but he's also a self-described "pile of mush" and a self-proclaimed feminist. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but the film does provide fodder for an interpretation in which Hathaway's speech is not read as accurate. Bonus points to Meyers for including enough sort-of allusions to Taxi Driver (De Niro practising phrases in the mirror, De Niro driving people around) that the film can almost be read as a kind of subversive anti-Taxi Driver in which the subject is not violence and alienation but kindness and simple human connection. Oh, and add me to the chorus of people pleased that the film is, for a Hollywood picture, relatively age-appropriate in its approach to romance (Rene Russo is still substantially younger than De Niro, but at least he's not dating someone half his age).

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