New in Town

New in Town

Lucy Hill is an ambitious up-and-coming executive living in Miami. She loves her shoes, she loves her cars and she loves climbing the corporate ladder. When she is offered a temporary assignment – in the middle of nowhere – to restructure a manufacturing plant, she jumps at the opportunity, knowing that a big promotion is close at hand. What begins as a straight-forward assignment becomes a life-changing experience as Lucy discovers greater meaning in her life and, most unexpectedly, the man of her dreams.

The movie centers on Lucy Hill, an ambitious executive who loves climbing the corporate ladder as well as all the material goods that her success can buy. She seizes the opportunity to be assigned, in the middle of nowhere, to restructure a manufacturing plant, not knowing that it will change her life forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackson M (au) wrote: It can be so stupid it's funny...occasionally.

Eliabeth C (br) wrote: i honestly don't think it even deserves that..just sucked

Jesse M (gb) wrote: Australian horror films are always a pleasure to watch, if only for the fact that they're homegrown.Coffin Rock first presents itself as a relationship drama, introducing the audience to this average-joe couple Jessie (Lisa Chappel) and Rob (Robert Taylor) Willis and their ongoing struggle to conceive a child - it's been three years and no luck.Enter stage center, Evan (Sam Parsonson), the film's antagonist and cliched psychotic guy - one who is obsessed with Jessie, though for reasons unknown to the audience.On a drunken binge one night, Jessie, in all her self-pity, sleeps with the mumbling pyscho loser. She regrets it, of course, and bails mid way through the sex - but fastforward to a couple of days later and she realizes she is pregnant.Is it her hubby's baby or the awkward psycho?As Coffin Rock chugs along, Evan definitely believes so as things soon heat up and start to spiral out of control.So is the premise for Coffin Rock, a psychological thriller/horror written and directed by Rupert Glasson.The film is tense enough, with the survival of this couple being the only emotional thread to invest in, and things move along at a quick and tight pace.Lisa Chappell as Jessie definitely gets the sympathy vote, as does Rob Taylor's character Rob who feels underdeveloped but also evokes a feeling of this average joe leading a quaint life.That is, until Evan, the mumbling irishman pops up seemingly out of nowhere and threatens the lives of the two and everyone around them.Parsonson plays the part cold and one note nicely but comes off more irritating than threatening. He's got nothing on Michael Myers - but having said, I don't believe his character is written to aim for that - the real focus is on the heart at the center of the piece - the relationship between the couple. Or relationship(s) between friend, girlfriend or foe, as the film establishes.Whatever the case, the film is entertaining for the most part.Tension boils and explodes as the relationship is put to the test and things start to get weird and violent.One can't shake off the feeling of familiarity as the psycho becomes obsessive and stalks in the shadows - and I think of the similar 2007 Aussie thriller Gone, which saw an enigmatic American in Australia stalking an unsuspecting couple.Such comparisons can be drawn and the film is left off feeling too similar to those other stories of psychopaths.As things get more violent though, actions by characters get more sillier and illogical and it's a shame that the film takes an abrupt nose dive from what was otherwise an interesting drama-thriller.Production on the film looks great, the cinematography captures the idyllic setting perfectly, giving the film a cold and harsh feel.Glasson's direction draws out the suspense long enough to keep the interest and things become boiling in the background nicely.Glasson doesn't look to the cheap thrill shocks to get a rise. For the most part, anyway.Where the film is a let down is in it's progression - when things start to go bad, they go silly and you can expect plenty of idiocy from the characters (Just call the cops, already!) and the usual random, psychotic outbursts of violence from Evan.It's a conclusion it inevitably had to come to, though perhaps it could've been handled in a way that made Evan actually feel scary, rather than annoying?Parsonson's performance is fine, I believe the written character and the direction is at fault. But I digress.

David K (nl) wrote: This shouldent work... But somehow it does. Its clever, funny and boasts a wonderful performance from Julia Roberts.

Blake C (ca) wrote: Though this movie is timeless, it hasn't aged very well. When I used to talk about this movie, I would no doubt give it a 5/5, but after re-watching it, I'm giving it a 4/5.

Rob S (kr) wrote: I vaguely remember hearing from time to time by family and friends that Office Space is a comedy you have to see, and that it is generally considered a great comedy. Of course I had seen Office Space before my most recent viewing (yesterday) and there were some memorable parts. Watching it again on the big screen a few years later, I realized yes, there are memorable parts to this comedy, but to tell you the truth, this is actually kind of a boring story.This is the only film I have seen Ron Livingston in, as well as the actors who play his sort of friends at the office. It's sad when you are told there is a great comedy out there, but then you realize the only person you know in the movie (and still had a career afterwards) is Jennifer Aniston. However, Stephen Root steals the show as the ever-mumbling Milton. What a wacky awkward character that brings a grin to your face every time you see him. He is like an adorable whimpering puppy that you can't help but feel sorry for since he is clearly not a great people person. I'd imagine his character was what the movie was based on since the film was apparently derived from a comic titled "Milton."The famous printer-destroying scene: it really shouldn't be that famous at all. It's just three guys smashing a printer in slow motion. It holds no merit, and while it has rap playing in the background to reflect the character Michael Bolton's taste in music as well as the fact that the three are "more hood" now that they have ripped off their company, it's barely memorable.At least the film's protagonist, Peter, makes some progress in the film. He starts out by hating his job, and his life luckily gets easier after he visits a hypnotherapist who tells him to relax and then dies abruptly. After this, Peter lives life how he wants to, and despite his not going into work actually gets promoted due to his honesty and relaxed attitude. He then gradually starts becoming concerned with work life again, and by the conclusion he has found a balance between work and leisure.This so-called "great comedy" provides few laughs, but is really easy to follow which is probably why people like it. For me, I'd rewatch this film just for the parts with Stephen Root as Milton, but that's about it. If you're looking for intelligent humor - let alone a good laugh at all - don't look here. Barely a decent film.

rock y (de) wrote: Yeah That Movie "Barf"

Erin M (ru) wrote: donald sutherland is dreamy.

Joel A (de) wrote: A savage relentless even disgusting film about a NYC professor going through the Amazon to find the lost footage shot by a young group of documentarians who where eaten by Cannibals.This is the most Shocking & Gruesome film I have ever seen, it's truly shocking the director truly went too far. 6 animals where killed onscreen live to give you an idea of how savage the film is.When you actually see the footage it's nearly impossible to watch. More interesting is the release of the film in Italy the courts where going to charge the director for murder unless the actors appeared. I can not think of another reason to watch this it's horrible .

Scott R (nl) wrote: Fun humorous story, the title says it all. Italians do it their own way, even if it's a little silly from an outsider's perspective.

Shari D (gb) wrote: Yes, Marlon used to be fine. Also with Stubby Kaye

Orlok W (it) wrote: Before Luke Skywalker, there was Doug McClure--Sure, it's cheap but it's FUN!!

Scott W (mx) wrote: Definitely not the best Clint Eastwood has to offer. It is surprisingly safe, and basically just follows the script of the musical. The reason why I give it a mild recommendation is I like the music, and there are enough songs in here to keep me through to the end. The period look is also captured pretty well. And I liked the actors playing Tommy and Frankie. From a storytelling perspective, it lacks a bit. And it bugged me that Clint had to put a shot in there of a character watching one of his movies.