New Perfect Two

New Perfect Two

Ah Bee, a former superstar motorcycle racer who gave up on the sport after a bad fall on the track left him physically and emotionally scarred. Now Ah Bee is a self-loathing, boozing, gambling layabout with a faithful girl named Maniu, a spunky tomboy who cooks his meals, launders his clothes and constantly reminds him of what a loser he is. Of course, she needles him in an adorably sassy way, making her one of those awesome in-the-movies-only girls who'll love a man faithfully even if he's a boozing, gambling layabout.

Ah B (Vic Chou) was once a champion motorbike racer but lost everything in a fixed match. His wife Jiawei (Mini Yang) left him, and he has since abandoned himself to drinking and gambling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AJ R (mx) wrote: A great ride, if your into drama! Pure chick flick!

Alexandra R (ru) wrote: I saw this on a plane and whilst it amused - I love Woody and I love Jewish humour in New York - I never laughed out loud in an embarrassing way (sign of a good movie: Laughing out loud on the plane and not giving a damn).

Matthew S (ca) wrote: I am so puzzled by the low viewer rating this film currently carries. Benot Jacquot's study of the last few days before The French Revolution starts is astonishingly potent. Everything is seen through the eyes of one of Antoinette's ladies in waiting played brilliantly by Lea Seydoux. This is an intelligent, insightful and intense study of chaos brewing as the mob readies to take the "castle" --- masterfully crated from all perspectives.

Colleen H (it) wrote: Anything with Alan Rickman is okay by me, but man...Rickman cannot do a southern accent. And Emma Thompson's accent ain't much bettah.

Ronald W (ag) wrote: A comedy drama about human insecurities and where we find comfort through strange things, kidnapping a child, dating a customer, having sex with a fellow sex addict. With a lack of real climax at the end nor any specific memorable moment, this is a movie about nothing as much as about something. Choke is packaged in a light Hollywood style drama comedy with a deeper substance if you care to digest.

Steve H (kr) wrote: It's smart, funny and heartfelt up to a point, but it's let down towards the end, where it could have been a lot smarter. It goes too far where the rest of the film showed surprising tenderness and restraint. On the other hand, the ending doesn't attempt to solve everything and is entirely about the two main characters, not the issues surrounding them, which get enough (but not too much) of an airing in the rest of the film.

Carlynn C (br) wrote: The title alone pisses me off!

Chrissy M (jp) wrote: really well done rockumentary. very interesting stuff!

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Rina J (it) wrote: I read the story before the movie (the only translated version of David Fung) I still cry about it to date.

Allen R (br) wrote: When will the Japanese learn.... if you launch missels at the giant lizard then he's going to stomp the doody out of your town. If you drop him down a volcano, he's going to go out of his way to pop out of the another and mess up your day. If you sick a space monster on him, he's going to eat it, stomp on your time, and find any other way possible to ruin your day....

Khalifa A (kr) wrote: This is my No 1 movie , i dont care how disagree with me . ?????????

EWC o (kr) wrote: First coen brothers movie i didn't like. It was weird (not in a good way) but did have some nice effects and was a fine debut film for them.

Jess L (ru) wrote: This movie is any romance movie lover's dream. Ginger Rogers is charming, elegant and tragic. The two men in her life you equally adore and empathize with, so it makes the journey with her that more heart wrenching as she decides who to make a life with. We are taken back in time to see the history behind each relationship, so it is with her final decision as she leaves the hotel in a cab that I was relieved (and still slightly disappointed) at her choice. The wider look at the history of a woman was also entertaining though definitely outdated and politically incorrect at some points, but that just adds to the fun of this film. Another example of how they just don't make them like they used to.

Tanya P (jp) wrote: Just don't bother. Being a fan of Scott's I was hoping for a bold new retelling of a classic but instead I found myself two hours short of life watching a film in which I believe the director handed over the script with a brief direction to cry a lot and left, not only the room, but the country. I can't believe I'm about to endorse Mary Reilly over this but I am.

Jennifer R (mx) wrote: There was some funny parts, it was ok.

Susan A (kr) wrote: I rate this movie 5 stars, for obvious reasons. Brilliant sums up this movie perfectly.

Levonne P (de) wrote: A wonderful, and heartwarming story, with Barbra's beautiful voice as a definate added treat. A bit of humor to boot, but shows the determination one can have when they want something bad enough.

Ali A (gb) wrote: One of my classics, you can't get enough of lovely meg and tom. 4 of 5?