New Women

New Women

A female music teacher tries to become a writer in the male dominated profession . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine Y (ru) wrote: This movie is so dumb it's sad

Arun R (ag) wrote: Wow. First bcoz of Sanju Baba. Second bcoz of Sanju Baba. Third, let me think...bcoz of Sanju Baba!!! A message to the Prime Minister of India: plz release the guy; he's as white as milk...

Richard D (nl) wrote: There really isn't 2 hours worth of story here.

Matthew R (mx) wrote: I thought that the first half was significantly better than the second. It was a fun watch.

Harim K (it) wrote: like other samuel fuller war flicks... weak

Christopher E (gb) wrote: Fans of Rooster Teeth will have loads of fun with "Lazer Team", and although it's a well made movie for YouTube, there is much left to be desired by the time the film ends."Lazer Team" is a comedy that follows four men who stumble across a suit full of ultimate power. These four idiots put on the gear, and find themselves in a fight for Earth. The movie sounds pretty plain and simple, because it is.First of all, this is one of YouTube Red's first original film. I'm glad to see YouTube companies and creators put out big productions such as this film, as it really shows just how much the YouTube community has grown. Although I wasn't so high on the film, I applaud the milestones this film represents. To start, I'll touch on the comedy aspect of this movie. The four main actors have great chemistry together, and they provide plenty of slapstick humor. These people have worked together for years and years, and their close connection is definitely seen on screen. This movie was on and off for me in regards to humor. There were some moments where I genuinely laughed, and others where the comedy felt awkward and forced. They often resort to toilet humor, as that's what their company is really known for, and it often makes your eyes roll. There are plenty of chuckle worthy moments in this movie, but other moments that contain weak, cheap laughs.The overall plot of this movie is very basic and generic, with no real twists thrown at the screen. There are plenty of other plot devices and events that happen in the movie, but looking back on the events, they just don't make sense. The overall story is simple enough, but none of the story telling was all that impressive.The screenplay left much to be desired, and there were plenty of moments where the writing was cringe worthy. The script wasn't blatantly awful by any means as there were some neat moments, but overall, the screenplay lacked in many areas. There was little depth given to the story, the characters were generic, and the overall plot was nothing new.The visuals in this movie were pretty bad, but I chalk that up to being a small budget YouTube film. Sometimes, I think less visuals are better, and this movie should've followed that slogan. There were plenty of visuals and CGI that looked just downright awful, but there was some other uses that worked just fine. For example, the suits and the effects on the gadgets looked real and impressive, while the aliens looked laughable and ugly.The movie overall is fun and simple, and since I was able to watch it for free on YouTube Red, I can't complain too much about it. This movie left a lot on the table, but it definitely wasn't terrible. You can go in this movie and call it a guilty pleasure, but it's not something I would watch again. Even with the plethora of problems, this movie isn't that bad, but it doesn't deserve a fresh rating.