New World

New World

A detective infiltrates into one of the biggest gang organizations in the country and gets involved in a fight for the heir to the gang after the boss dies and in between the second in charge who trusts him with his life and the high police officials who think of him only as bait.

New World revolves around the story an inspector infiltrated the country's biggest gangsters organization. Then he got into the war for the tycoon position after former tycoon was murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elicia L (de) wrote: My husband and I are adventurers, skiers and artists. This is one of our most favorite movies. We watched it first and All I Can we watched second. We enjoyed this this film far more than its predecessor. The epic soundtrack is a great bonus. :)

Ted W (us) wrote: Hate the new spy kids. The worst Ricardo Rodriquez film ever. Don't like Carmen an guni in their teens, it looks weird.

Kenneth D (ru) wrote: Dead ghost husband vengeance. Dumb, but there was a certain part of this film that reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe, and that was exciting.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: There is something really creepy, scary and uncomfortably appealing in the way this effective indie thriller forces us to share its character's taste for voyeurism, and it could have been even better had it avoided those clichs and contrivances that come up in the last half hour.

Karen M (jp) wrote: one of my and hubby's first dates~

Perfection Q (jp) wrote: it was stupid but it kept me from not doing anything at all lol

Michael T (jp) wrote: British film director Richard Lester directed some great movies in his time and had quite a flair for comedy films. How I Won The War was not one of Lester's best. It is enjoyable but Lester does not seem to have the same affinity for this project as Robert Aldritch had in The Dirty Dozen (definitely not a comedy but still a subversive look at the War movie) or Robert Altman had for M*A*S*H* (a comedy and far more subversive than the TV series that followed). Lester does include clever bits where character's break the fourth wall; incorporates actual newsreel war footage; and has soldiers who die in the course of the film reappearing as monochromatic ghosts. Michael Crawford stars as a hapless British officer who manages to get most of his men killed in North Africa while on a top-secret mission to set up a cricket pitch behind enemy lines. The most famous cast member is John Lennon of the Beatles who had worked with Lester on the classic Hard Days Night film. Also on hand is Lester regular Roy Kinnear along with Jack MacGowran and Michael Hordern.

Andy O (ru) wrote: Effectively a 90 minute long episode of 'The Thick of It' - none of the magic of the sitcom has been lost at all. I cannot recommend this highly enough, although be warned the language is horrendous...

Michael S (ca) wrote: Brendan Gleeson nails his portrayal of Winston Churchill in this HBO movie chronicling his time in office during the second world war. There's an uncanny resemblance to the real man and it may be hard to differentiate Gleeson's voice in the film from Churchill's recorded speeches. It's a good movie and the highlight of it is the characterization of the man, but given all the historical moments during this time, it probably should have been a longer film or a mini-series as some important events are rushed through or skipped over altogether.