New World Order

New World Order

Filmmakers Luke Myer and Andrew Neel make it real hard to just laugh away the crazy conspiracy theorists in their new feature documentary, New World Order. In fact, what they do instead, is humanize their efforts. What makes the documentary work is that rather than focusing on the theories, Myer and Neel focus on the people.

This documentary explores the activities of Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, Jack McLamb, and Luke Rudkowski. The film focuses on their efforts to expose the highly secretive meetings of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trouble B (kr) wrote: Captain America: The Shittest Superhero

Roman R (nl) wrote: "Pistol Opera" me record, en su puesta en escena, al teatro Kabuki, exagerando las emociones de sus personajes a travs de encuentros en escenarios estilizados. La pelcula contiene una vaga semblanza de narrativa, enfocndose en un gremio de asesinos y un complot para irse deshaciendo de cada uno de ellos. "Pistol Opera" es una interesante propuesta experimental japonesa cargada de simbolismo y acompaada de un extrao soundtrack. Recomendable.

Jeffrey M (ag) wrote: Some funny bits, but not Luke Wilson's best work.

Mark L (br) wrote: Hollywood only wish they could make a film like this.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Great movie. Very, very funny, nice lighthearted western, good satire on westerns, with great performances from Gibson, Foster, Garner, and Greene.

Jose G (it) wrote: John Waters is a God. The trashiest of trash.

Ian B (ru) wrote: Managed to capture the feeling of the book without getting its point resulting in a movie that feels kind of arbitrary

Emily E (au) wrote: I miss Natalie so much! She was a REAL star!

Topsy I (nl) wrote: very very very VERY low budget film ... I survived it but ... well , if u got nothing better to do .... NOTHING ... then watch it ... better than nothing I guess ;)