New Year's Day

New Year's Day

A man returns to his sublet apartment to find the previous tenants, three offbeat young women, still in residence, under the mistaken belief that they have the apartment until the end of ...

A man returns to his sublet apartment to find the previous tenants| three offbeat young women| still in residence| under the mistaken belief that they have the
apartment until the end of New Year's Day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brynn H (ag) wrote: interesting...first story was my favorite

Pablo G (ag) wrote: The narrative is poorly balanced just as the characters and their development, and the editing and cuts couldve gone through some work specially in its second act, but it is nevertheless and interesting and gripping story, with great imagery and aparently very acurratte history. I could only wish that the expertice shown on the images and sound and acting could match the script and the pace.

Chantal S (us) wrote: Cute story...BAD acting.

Adam R (nl) wrote: A well-acted heavy drama, but kind of dull. I wouldn't watch it again. (First and only viewing - 1/22/2015)

K Nife C (nl) wrote: "Tiptoes" is an absolutely bizarre culmination of so many disparate elements, one would think it was the result of a mock conspiracy. Were all of these people blackmailed into doing this as some sort of Illuminati rite of passage? Do they play this movie at Guantanamo Bay? Peter Dinklage is a French Marxist who drinks morphine and screws Patricia Arquette. Gary Oldman is dwarvified. The creepy dwarf from Twin Peaks' Black Lodge is in this, and Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale, against all odds, refuse to phone in their performances. The tone, if it even exists, is quite possibly one of the most baffling things I've ever witnessed as it veers between stoner-comedy irreverence (complete with cursing and sex jokes) to dramatic introspective relationship troubles. If I had counted all of the "WTF?!?!" moments, I could have had a really good drinking game going on, but I couldn't help but feel like I was watching some sort of Cthulu-esque un-nameable creation that shouldn't be every other five minutes. By the end, I felt like someone had been exploited. It might not be the little people or even me, but it felt like Satan definitely had something to do with this brain-melting circus.

Dustin D (mx) wrote: Sonatine does a better job of capturing the mood of its subject than any other film I can think of. That subject is a world-weary Japanese mob boss in the early '90s. Characters are revealed and developed in the film's quiet moments. The violence is detached, much like the mood of Kitano's character. This is a unique gangster film and (has become) a memorable period piece.

Eliabeth S (jp) wrote: Love it! Great cast and exciting story. The solution to the mystery is complicated/attenuated, but this is still fun to watch. The fights between Maggie Smith & Diana Rigg are hilarious!

Ken D (mx) wrote: A movie that was doomed to fail from the start with its script and direction. Felt bad for the actors, and I felt bad for myself for watching it.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 (1927) When A Man Loves SILENT ROMANTIC HISTORICAL DRAMA Great beginning which centers on a girl falling in love with a young man who was supposed to study to become a priest. As it turns out she also happens to have a brother who sold her as a dowry to an unattractive wealthy heir. The two lovebirds soon escape to Paris except that they both have money problems. The movie drags when the protagonist makes a lot of bad decisions for the intentions of giving her what she wants- not exactly what she needs. This pass is solely because of the beginning but not so much of the rest of it as it criticises the problems about living in France as opposed to living somewhere else but the reason for that is that it's being financed by a Hollywood studio. 2.5 out of 4 stars

Andrew K (jp) wrote: Exceptionally well paced, acted and thought out, Disturbia rarely if ever falls into cliches and instead opts for an intellectual yet exciting.

Jack W (ag) wrote: Roger Moore's best Bond is his kick-off, Live and Let Die showcases good locations and great chase sequences.