New Young Hero of Shaolin

New Young Hero of Shaolin


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New Young Hero of Shaolin torrent reviews

Tobias E (gb) wrote: Utroligt at en film med s mange store navne ikke er blevet bedre. Den er ikke specielt sjov, dog er der gode scener. Anthony Anderson og Cedric the Entertainer holder filmen oppe...

Ryan J (es) wrote: A woman is recovering from her rampant alcoholism, trying to get her life back together after it blinded her from the reality that she was living with a brutal serial killer (she found his killing room, bodies in a freezer and got him arrested), meanwhile he has escaped custody and resumed brutally killing people on his way to finding her. She falls for a fellow addict while attending her AA meetings and it seems that maybe there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Quite a bleak film with lots of death and some pretty decent acting. A good film made by some well known indie horror film actors and directors. Really like these guys in most of the work they do (You're Next, V/H/S, The Signal etc..) and look forward to their future projects.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie about a misfit teen who's new in town, and finds the townfolk are just as misfitty as her, She soon has an affair with her teacher while seeing another guy on the side. Hijinx ensue, but in that 2010ish emo way.

Serena F (us) wrote: se potessi dargli zero stelle lo farei

Stellayy L (es) wrote: beautiful love story, bittersweet...

Shawn B (us) wrote: Hot Girls+Bad acting+horrible movie= Hot girls hahah

Niki A (gb) wrote: of my favorite J. Depp roles ever

Jeremiah M (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie Robin Williams does a great job, and they mix the drama and comedy really well. I recommend

Eddie D (us) wrote: The only Franco film I can think of that I did not like. However, I am more than willing to give it another chance.

David B (mx) wrote: What a load of old twaddle.

Jordi T (es) wrote: Y acabo aqui mi particular ciclo de Ed Wood Jr, en la que es la menos inspirada de las cinco que he tenido el privilegio de disfrutar. Enmarcada aqui en la historia de un medium estafador, pero aun contiene pequeas perlas como la sesion de parapsicologia en la que aparecen entes fantasmales(Ese pedazo de fantasma) Un genial cineasta que todo el mundo deberia descubrir...

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A taut little noir thriller--Garfield goes out in style!!

Luke G (es) wrote: After Jean-Claude's amazing performance in "JCVD" his career has seemed to be growing more and more sense. As he was casted in "The Expendables 2" as the main villian and in my opinion Jean-Claude stole the show! Six Bullets was actually not that bad, after so many years of releaseing strait to dvd projects, Six Bullets was crafted with action, thrills and great acting. The storyline was similar to "Taken" but with somewhat of difference but portrayed gracefully!

Jason G (br) wrote: Beautiful cinematography, but the rest...well, they should have tried harder. This is one of those films where the backstory makes sense-or should make sense-but there are so many other scenes that were inserted to stay true to the source material and serve mostly as distractions. Recurring and otherwise intriguing themes such as motherhood, justice, religious fervor, and vengeance don't receive nearly as much screen time as visions of falling ash, rotting walls, and barbed wire molestation.For the horror fan or gamer in some of us, this film is perfectly adequate fodder. For those who love innovative visual effects and production design, it's almost an absolute must. But for everyone else, it's not quite worth it.

Dwight S (ru) wrote: Save your money and time. Warning! This movie is Evangelical Christian propaganda. The script is trash, and the dialogue is even worse. We turned it off.Malcolm McDowell and Luke O'Brien should be be crucified for this stinker!

Mickey S (ca) wrote: it was interesting. wished it was in theaters not direct to video.