A match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry when Lyle can't decide which matters most, Nina or Mary Jane.

A match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry when Lyle can't decide which matters most, Nina or Mary Jane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley G (nl) wrote: (SPOILERS)Starry Eyes falls under various sub-categories in horror (slow-burn/suspense drama, body horror, slasher/gore, bizarre cult/satanic imagery) and uses each to convey the ugliness of human ambition through the transformation of the main character. It may come off as uneven to some, but each "segment" contributes something different, both symbolically and on a straight-forward level. It's not often that a horror movie can offer an interesting and deep allegory without detracting from the surface-level horror. The allegory in Starry Eyes, while fairly blatant, is effective in its ability to be thought-provoking and shed new light on horror tropes that may initially seem too platitudinous to be analyzed on a deeper level. The idea of the main character losing progressively losing her hair can be interpreted as motif symbolizing the loss of her soul, up until the end when she no longer has hair, but rather a wig, which symbolizes that she is an entirely different being and her old life was gone. The ending may seem anti-climactic at first, but it makes perfect sense when pondered in the context of the transformation. It's an unapologetic, nasty, yet intelligent movie that any horror fan won't regret watching.

Julie M (fr) wrote: Very mixed feelings about this documentary. It's slightly too one sided for me but brings up very thought provoking points.

Peter B (jp) wrote: Watched the last 60mins in fast forward!

Pauline W (fr) wrote: The storyline is ridiculous on its own. More precisely, it's not so uncommon under communism, I suppose. The leading actor, Mark Ivanir, performs so well that we could understand the twist in his mindset. We can see the innocent child in him. After all, those who're still alive worths paying more attention, I think.

Kashif M (mx) wrote: Indian version of a James Bond movie.

Daniel K (ca) wrote: Probably slightly better than the fourth but still your typical 'straight to DVD' sequel that fails to match the first and second Dolittle films. Its good to see Maya (Kyla Pratt) still in it because she is quite a likeable actress and Maya is a likeable character. Storyline is once again pretty predictable and still aimed at younger children, though there is less slapstick humour in this one, except for the very silly chase scene near the end. Overall its OK but nothing special.

Ana M (fr) wrote: so boring, and very low budget. the script sucked also

Ra W (kr) wrote: Pretty funny in spots but overall I found Dunst's character the least interesting.

Jack W (ca) wrote: Packed with great performances all around and good special effects, Stuart Little is perfect entertainment for kids and adults.

Nick E (fr) wrote: The story is cliched on more than one occasion, but both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan keep it from being too conventional.

Berni E (jp) wrote: Loved Barbra of course. And the movie had so much promise and potential - I loved parts of it - loved the messages. But eventually its chaotic nature got me frustrated........

Kate B (fr) wrote: a very sad pursuit of happiness, which might be the point but it left a bad taste in my mouth

Tyler B (jp) wrote: Stone finally gives Milla Jovovich the chance to deliver a performance to remember. Milla is absolutely brilliant in every possible way, she steals every scene she is in. The film itself is a drama but not quite, the film delves into many different genres but what it mainly focuses on in the end is Religion. Stone was a mixed bag for me, the film is very powerful in conveying the message especially with assistance from its main leads but it falls apart in the middle of the film but thankfully picks it self back up again. It is a slightly above average drama, mystery with some incredible performances. It is a must see for any Milla Jovovich fan.

Heather C (au) wrote: But not for the faint hearted