A week in the life of the exploited, child newspaper sellers in turn-of-the-century New York. When their publisher, Joseph Pulitzer, tries to squeeze a little more profit out of their labours, they organize a strike, only to be confronted with the Pulitzer's hard-ball tactics.

Homeless New York City newsboy Jack "Cowboy" Kelly befriends two newcomers to his trade, brothers David and Les Jacobs. When they are exploited beyond reason by their bosses, they set out to enact change and are met by the ruthlessness of big business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (mx) wrote: Incredible story laced together with a beautiful LOTR esk score. I loved it and so do my two children, and that folks is all that matters. no celeb remora fish trying to garner favour just magical and funny ...

Kamal H (mx) wrote: A force to be reckoned it.

Jo M (kr) wrote: Great fun and I loved every second, watched it a second time with the rest of the family and they enjoyed it as much as I did!Would definitely recommend it - those boys are a riot! ;)

James C (mx) wrote: An American family's trip to Ireland becomes a nightmare when they get lost and discover that the surrounding countryside holds a horrific secret that forces them to fight for survival.Starting off with a lacklustre "seen it all before" opening and characters, I didn't really hold out much hope for this low budget shocker. But it ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. The plot intricacies are pretty much secondary and it focuses more on scares and the feeling of impending doom all aided with an off the wall soundtrack. The 'monsters' are well handled and even though a lot are in the background, the ones that are seen properly are all quite disturbing. Because of the small cast, the gore is limited, but when it does happen, it happens with a bang. The finale is probably the film's weakest part, as it only partially explains what is going on, and then leaves the viewer with an ending that, though original to the film, is not something that you haven't seen in one form or another in a lot of other horror movies. As a whole 'Plague Town' isn't a bad entry in the 'people go on holiday and nasty stuff ensues' genre of horror movies, and if you are looking for something that is a bit eerie to watch and doesn't take a lot of thinking about, then this is a movie that you should check out.

Robbie L (es) wrote: a touching and as beautifully shot film

WS W (nl) wrote: Fair; actually couldn't really tell the difference except for different locations, cast & crew, etc.

Anssi L (au) wrote: By far Steven's worst movie. Not even so bad that it's good like Out for a Kill. Just a shit flick and that's the first time I'm calling his movie shit.

Andre M (mx) wrote: Excellent, uplifting movie

Ralph R (kr) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Jen H (gb) wrote: The cinematic equivalent of an atmospheric walk through a local cemetery.

Jesse W (jp) wrote: Yes I do get around to watching films with these kind of titles, but usually I like them. This is one weird fucking film. There isn't really any story, it's poorly directed, and is full of aberrant sexual behavior. It was directed by a coke head soft core porn director so it fits the bill. The story is about a few shitty, scummy photographers who fuck their models and on one particular trip they get in an accident (if you can call it that) and stay in an abandoned house. More sex continues, but there's this mud man walking around and he kills them off. That's basically it. I didn't notice a single explanation for anything. This is one of those shitty films that has an accidentally appealing weirdness that makes you enjoy watching it, not because it's so bad it's good. It's some intangible thing that I can't articulate. It's just straight up bizarre, with weird choices all across the board. Shots, lines, and all events. The kill scenes are edited to mask the fact that there clearly wasn't a budget to show any SFX. There's also some annoying fogging of certain areas of the bodies during sex scenes but they change so frequently that you can't figure out the criteria for why anything was being fogged at all! I'm probably desperately searching here but this is my list of favorite moments (spoilers kids):- Before one of the characters gets hit in the head, he has an image of walking down the street and getting hit by something invisible and falling down. You could call that random!- A grim looking decapitated head- The "boss" getting stabbed by a stake. It makes an awesome thud sound, and his groans, accompanied by his "still" (you'll understand when you see) spasmic movement is ridiculous.- One of the girls goes nuts, runs around and makes out with a severed head, tries to beat off the injured boss, fingers herself with an amputated arm, and then the title of the film takes place in a really disgusting disemboweling scene.- The end rape scene has this hilarious dialog courtesy of the mud man with this silly vocal effect. The last shot is the raped girl pregnant standing on some rocks saying "I wonder what will come out of me" and then there are a bunch of explosions.- There's an awesome shot of the mud man hitting a telephone with a hammerYep. Pretty awesome if you ask me. The music is cool too. Basically this is a real shit flick only for the most sleaze tolerant among extreme cinema fans or if you can find some humor in all of it. Or maybe watch it when you're doing drugs like the film makes probably did. I couldn't even make up something this other worldly.

Richard R (us) wrote: I saw this on the late show when I was in high school. I thought, "What a stupid title." But, I sat for it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised. Later, I met a friend who saw it as well. He said the same thing. And RT gave it a 93%? Vindication!

Rita C (ru) wrote: A gigant octopus, guns that look like fireworks and an evil doctor with hypnotic eyes. This is Ed Wood.

Steven S (ag) wrote: The great Kazan + Marlon Brando never disappoint. With one scene in particular in which Marlon displays great dramatic depth to his character: "You don't understand, I coulda' had class! I coulda' been a contender. I coulda' been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it. It was you, Charley." Terrific.

MF J (de) wrote: Another romantic comedy with a stellar cast not much to say. It's as usual well done but not that funny nor entertaining. It's actually pretty flat & you'll find yourself checking your watch a few times. Julia Roberts has done much better than this forgettable dud.

Ali D (mx) wrote: estaba bien hasta el tiroteo ms mierda q e visto