A gang of crooks robbing cash collectors, run into a police surveillance team and the inadequate police response results in a gunfight. A TV crew on assignment in the area happens to capture this humiliation on camera, and this example of police incompetence is soon the lead story in every news bulletin. Public confidence in law and order now suffers irreparable harm. The head of the Moscow force welcomes a public search-and-destroy operation against these thugs, the brainchild of Katya, his PR director. She proposes that the capture of this dangerous gang be transformed into a live TV show of a kind never seen before. At this point she cannot know that the gang leader's life-and-death struggle with the police is destined to lead to a media duel. Besieged in a huge apartment block, the crooks hold hostage a father and his son and daughter. A massive special forces rescue operation is mounted but fails miserably.

In Moscow, an enterprising female detective decides to turn a humiliating defeat experienced by her department into a reality-TV show in which the police prep for a counter attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Newsmakers torrent reviews

Amy F (ag) wrote: Singing in a school girls battle choir. Battling against your own schools boy battle choir. Battle of the sexes much lol.

Ricardo H (ag) wrote: "Young, beautiful and intelligent"????? Terrible movie

Zachary Y (nl) wrote: I like the movie, however there is a lot going on that just doesnt help the film. Great in concept, but not as good of an actual film as Ghost World and a bit too played out.

Peter L (gb) wrote: tried ... but a complete failure ! Luckily I watched this on a flight .. its not even worth RMB7 for the LO FAN DVD ...

Sherwin Jay T (de) wrote: Best Asian action movie.

bill b (fr) wrote: interesting approach!


Connor D (kr) wrote: I honestly couldn't tell what "Leprechaun" was trying to be. It seemed at points it was really trying to be an eerie horror movie. But for the most part this film felt like a flat out comedy, because I was sincerely laughing throughout this picture. This film is essentially about a 600 year old leprechaun that wants his pot of gold (since he says it, along with what he is, nearly 100 times throughout the film), and he begins to torture everyone that he suspects has or is trying to take his pot of gold. Laughter ensues.With all that being said, along with my two star rating, I must say that I really did have a good time watching "Leprechaun." It felt like the later "Child's Play" movies because of its horror feel but yet there was undeniable funny scenes, which I believe, better yet know, were on purpose. All in all, "Leprechaun" is a very idiotic movie, yet I can't deny that I had an immense time watching this laughable horror fest, and I'm sure that this won't be the only time I see the Leprechaun on screen. 4.4/10

Casey S (gb) wrote: Iconic, smart, and comedic to just the right level, there's a reason everyone knows Men In Black.

Rebecca T (ca) wrote: It's been 24 hours since I've seen this film and I fear it might drift through my mind every time I see a woman's portrait. Virgil played by Rush is a self-made man. He runs an exclusive auction house. His world is controlled, regimented, and sterile. He's never made love to a woman. Not since he was a child enjoyed the tactile sensations from touching objects, as he always wears gloves. Only to gentle stroke the brush strokes of a painting does he take them off. His home is part museum, part villa, and as he himself says, 'more like a hotel'. He is also somewhat of a con man. Probably too harsh a word, but at times when he sees a particular painting he wants, he tells patrons their paintings are forgeries. When in fact they are real. He does this to drive the price down so he can acquire them and tuck them into a vault where the portraits of women look down upon him adoringly.Virgil receives a call from Claire Ibbetson requesting he evaluate the artwork in her villa. Her parents are dead and she needs to sell the items. Virgil does not meet with the public, but there is something in her voice which intrigues him. She doesn't show and he's left standing in a rain storm outside the boarded up villa. When she calls again, he's enraged, but she once again intrigues him. As the story enfolds we learn she never leaves the villa. She's afraid of face-to-face interaction.One step at a time, Virgil helps Claire enter the world, and in the process Virgil learns what love is. Unfortunately, all is not how it appears.I don't want to spoil anything, so I will stop here. I will say that in the end I think Virgil, at least for a while, truly lived.