Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Next Stop, Greenwich Village

An aspiring Jewish actor moves out of his parents' Brooklyn apartment to seek his fortune in the bohemian life of Greenwich Village in 1953.

An aspiring Jewish actor moves out of his parents' Brooklyn apartment to seek his fortune in the bohemian life of Greenwich Village in 1953. He struggles to come to terms with his feelings ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan S (fr) wrote: I really love this movie can't wait to watch the remake

Sylvester E (gb) wrote: I'm glad I found this movie late and wasn't waiting for it. This movie was definitely made for kids with its Legion of Superheroes style of drawing and voice acting. The animation and action was good but the story was a huge plothole. The plot was for Lex to change time by preventing Superman from staying on earth when he arrived so the Justice League can never be. So he acquires and beguiles The Time Trapper to help him. Once he achieves his plan every hero in The Justice League vanishes away. The problem is every hero was already a hero before the Justice League and Luthor after completing his plan wouldn't be a member of the Legion of Doom either. It was somewhat entertaining but nothing really worthy of the other cooler productions DC has done because it turned out to be one confusing never ending time crisis. Not bad but nothing to rush and see.

Andy N (es) wrote: Ninja Apocalypse is so bad that it's good. It has that Saturday night Syfy channel quality to it, but it also answers the age old question...what if Walter Hills The Warriors was actually about ninjas? The answer is that it would be a pretty damn funny movie albeit unintentionally or is it really just intentional at this point since bad movies are becoming good movies every now and then. Let's run down the list of awesome that is contained in this piece of horribleness: 1) Magic powers 2) Zombies 3) White guys playing ninja 4) Ninjas driving jeeps 5) Lines like, "Don't protect us. Respect us." 6) An actor so over the top that even the other actors in the scene don't know how to react. There's a lot more that's just fun in this film and seriously, it is awful, but if you're like me and you derive pleasure from driveling nonsense such as this then you might enjoy it.

Keith W (gb) wrote: This is a hidden gem on Netflix. It's a well filmed movie with a thoughtful, philosophically complicated conflict.

Matt M (au) wrote: The hook for The Ghastly Love of Johnny X lies in its similarities or attempted similarities with the sci-fi horrror bizarre vision of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. However, lacking in sexual charge and being way more campy than rebelliously unique, Bunnell's film ends up feeling more like a mild John Waters production, full of style but of little relevance, substance or originality. Eventually, this films ends up being tiring in its shallow ways instead of exciting and fun.

Eric W (mx) wrote: Very wonky but watchable. I liked Furmann

Sean P (de) wrote: This is a case of a story going somewhere slowly and then nowhere fast. At first, this movie was onto something, then the final 15 minutes did nothing to help it. Could have been a cool one. Netflix has it listed as a zombie movie, but that's like saying Pulp Fiction was a story about a handed down watch.

Robert G (nl) wrote: It's hard to find yourself caring about the characters, and it felt more like the purpose of the movie was to preach, not entertain.

William D (fr) wrote: "The Man of My Life," the second film from French filmmaker / screenwriter / actress Zabou Breitman, isn't very good, but at least it's ambitious. It tries to explore new emotional territory. While it's pretty seriously flawed and sometimes laughably flat-footed and pretentious, it is the work of a genuine artist. One that is still learning her craft; but then aren't we all. The story, which Breitman co-wrote, introduces us to a delightful, down-to-earth family vacationing in a gorgeous villa in the south of France. (The setting is exquisite, and the cinematography is ravishing. This is the true French countryside.) Moving in next door is a single gay man, whom the family befriends. Gradually through the course of the summer, a special bond develops between the father (played very well by Bernard Campan) and the neighbor. At times they seem like two giddy boys together. Little by little, it appears that they might be falling in love. Their conversations get quite deep, exploring feelings about family, love, relationships, children, etc. And each late-night conversation leaves them oddly moved and oddly uncomfortable. So much seems to be going on just below the surface. The film doesn't have much of a dramatic arc. It doesn't want to be a coming-out melodrama, although there is a little bit of that. It mostly wants to raise questions and explore the emotional landscape of middle-aged men feeling the ground beneath them shifting uncomfortably. The weaknesses in "The Man of My Life" are so significant that I cannot recommend it. But at a minimum, it makes me want to try one more Breitman film to see if she pulls off her interesting experiments with more success elsewhere. (She has directed two more films since completing this one.) It is interesting to ponder what it must be like for straight married men who start to feel their sexuality open up in middle age. From what I can tell, this is happening quite a bit lately. My heart goes out to these men as they struggle to balance loyalty to family with loyalty to their own hearts.

bob r (es) wrote: It should be 301 because it was 300 spartans and him

Carrie T (ca) wrote: Good Will Hunting may have a generic plot, but it made up with its amazing cast and heartfelt moments.

Kilo D (it) wrote: Worth renting. While not the most compelling documentary I've ever seen, it's well-worth having seen. And definitely see it if you or someone you love is one.

Larry W (mx) wrote: Great trio of short anime, though thematically pretty mismatched. Expect more of a sampler than a film.

Andrew H (es) wrote: One of my favorite Sci-fi/Horror movies from the 60's! So many people shit on this film because it isn't like the original Lovecraft story, but I never read that anyway haha! Quit bitching and take it as a fun cheesy movie!