A Japanese Company funded by the USA experimenting with anti-bacteriological weapons creates a mutated humanoid rat creature which becomes violent and murders the lab technicians. The lab is condemned and its horrifying experiments kept a secret. However the strange bacteria leak from the lab and spreads to the nearby inhabitants causing a humanoid epidemic! Three people are sent to the lab to uncover the US government conspiracy that unleashed a bloodthirsty monster beyond their wildest imagination.

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Nezulla torrent reviews

Christophe C (de) wrote: Stander dies differently in real life than depicted in the movie.

Matt G (jp) wrote: At their best, the Muppets are super-meta kid's musicals that aren't afraid of adult references and jokes to keep the whole family plugged in. Muppets from Space drops these elements in favor of era-sensitive humor (ie Shrek), and it comes off as lazy, forced, and downright pointless. Despite a decent premise (all Muppets live in one house, alien conspiracies), it's easily the worst Muppet film with little to no emotional pull and only a few jokes that actually hit....such a shame.

Derick B (nl) wrote: Ok I hate rosie odonnel in anything but this wasn't bad.

Tom B (nl) wrote: - "Mevrouw, wilt u instappen?" - "Waarom?" - "Autosex." Kitano heeft een film gemaakt in de traditie van ??Top Secret?? en ??Return of the Killer Tomatoes??; een film vol kurkdroge absurde grappen, gebruik makend van typische Japanse tradities en clichs. In deze komedie vormen de sexuele fantasien van het hoofdpersonage de motor voor een aaneenschakeling van absurde gags. De dodelijk ernstige manier waarop die in beeld worden zorgen de hele film door voor hevige lachaanvallen. Voor alle fans van ??Buiten de Zone??.

David L (mx) wrote: A typically mediocre comedy starring the same old Steve Martin stereotypical role. This time he meets Goldie Hawn who is a particularly clever and imaginative liar, so much so that she builds her life upon it. After a one night stand she tracks down her lover to the place he built for his childhood sweetheart, and resides there without his knowledge, pretending to be his wife. Of course, it's only a matter of time before he and all his family and friends find out, but her farfetched lies begin to endear everyone to her. Even Martin's character can see light at the end of the tunnel when he is then perceived as the perfect husband, attracting back the attention of his true love interest. As the story becomes one massive lie, the situations become more extreme, and the fake husband and wife have their imaginations tested to the nth degree, only to result in a quite predictable final few scenes. It's a very cheesy film which suits the acting styles of both lead characters, but was never very outlandishly humorous. It's more clever than amusing, and you continue watching to see how they worm out of every situation as opposed to being gripped by the comedy. It has the feel of a Christmas film purely because its one all the children and adults can enjoy, but in all honesty, there would be better options you could choose if you want to be guaranteed of some peace and quiet.

Simon M (fr) wrote: A total blast(fighter)!

Hayden G (au) wrote: A veritable, voluptuous feast. A fairy tale of yearning, desire, and awakening.

Aaron G (fr) wrote: I wish I were privileged enough to relate to this trite attempt at romance.

bill s (ag) wrote: The chase scenes are dynamic but little else is.

John A (us) wrote: Really bad movie. Organized gang raids quarantine and springs criminal friend who then spreads the flu around. Of course there is then anti-gov't character with the arsenal in his house. Oh, and everyone has a bad marriage or divorced and can't come get their kid when they're supposed to. This is a 3rd rate made-for-tv-movie which are 3rd rate movies at their best. Sheesh.