An extended sequence in which a man tortures a woman psychologically, physically and sexually. The woman is bound and restrained throughout and the man in question is in a position of ...

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Lynn C (mx) wrote: Movie itself was ok, but the music completely ruined it.

Greg W (au) wrote: if u like movies like 'lock stock and 2 smoking barrels' or 'rocknrolla' u will like this gangster tale

Jacob F (ag) wrote: This movie is a massive turd.

Stephen Y (us) wrote: I rate this movie 3.0 stars. That's 2.50 stars for the story + 0.50 stars for just being downright whack! After watching tons of American, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese movies, I can say without a doubt the Japanese are a cut above the rest when it comes to the weird and outlandish. Some may call it art, I'm just wondering why its always Japanese. Symbol is basically comprised of two completely different (and perhaps meaningless) stories that run independently and parallel to each other until near the end where the two finally intersect. The connection is weak however and almost done as an after thought. While some viewers may say I missed the point, I've always try to keep an open mind and see the value of any movie. In this case, this movie was perhaps best watched during an acid trip (not that I've ever been on one). In all honesty, I've always been intrigued by the Japanese fascination with human sex parts, and leanings toward extreme sexual deviance. In Symbol, its the penis and by that I mean both child and adult. Dozens of them. I tried to Google Symbol in an attempt to understand the director's thoughts behind the making of this movie. Yet no information could be found. Still, it seemed to this viewer that the message was "penises create things and cause things to happen in the world." Still, if this was the actual message then what of the "Luche Libre Mexican story" that ran parallel? Like I said, the connection was tenuous. In addition, not to mention how the Japanese actor, who was at times annoying, almost looked like Jesus Christ in the end facing a large penis. As I said, this movie was whack.All said, I guess one must appreciate the mind that can create such a movie. It is an unique film with a message...uhhh...Symbol. Is it art? I don't know. Is it comedy? Dark/off, if at all. Is it different? It certainly is and perhaps that's the point. If one cannot create a great mainstream movie for the masses, then go the opposite direction and make something so outlandish it's memorable. Mission accomplished.This movie is not recommended for everyone. If one considers themselves an artist, alternative, or possessing an open mind for the different and outlandish, then yes. Otherwise, pass because you'll find the movie painful to watch and silly/boring. So if there is a Symbol in this movie, perhaps it's just a sign that reads "Do not stop. Just pass."

Rene J (ru) wrote: Why am I still watching this? I hate zombies.

Calvin R (es) wrote: This was the most creepiest, gruesomes film since Frontiers. It had great performance, it was intense, and the ending was the most horrific thing I've seen. It wasn't scary, but it was very graphic on how people can be, so evil. It delievered what It was going for.

Ben C (it) wrote: I was disappointed that this is just a film of the stage production (i.e. a camera watching the stage) -- an actual production with sets would have been much more interesting -- also guys with more to show...

Ana A (mx) wrote: This is a good film that tackles the heavy debate about the lack of involvement of the Catholic Church & the allies in trying to stop the Holocaust. Whatever your position on this matter this a good film to see, even when it need a little more polishing on the finished product.

Lee M (kr) wrote: A lifeless comic souffle lacking energy and vigour.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Stewart is in top form, but the movie is all talk, no noir--Unfulfilling!!

GinGy N (nl) wrote: Was going to buy this when I saw the title, then didn't. It's 2015, why are we still casting clearly white people as Asian characters, in an Asian story?