Ngok toi

Ngok toi


Life after death of a fetus inside a woman’s body exists as a Womb Ghost. Unnatural termination of such life will turn the baby into the evilest and most vicious kind of spirit. A mental hospital is haunted by spirits, the mysterious miscarriage of a young and beautiful inmate causes the authority to investigate. Only one answer can be given to the existence of such an ungodly creature…Womb Ghost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (au) wrote: Still catching up on some flicks I missed, this was surprisingly good and riveting

Akshay R (kr) wrote: A satisfying remake of the RESERVOIR DOGS!

Emma M (gb) wrote: this film has put me off pregnancy for life!

Wrik S (ag) wrote: Not much meat except for the skin show..

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Grade - C-This review is for the 'Final Cut' version of the movie-Blade Runner is an interesting sci-fi movie that's been the subject of controversy ever since it's release in 1982. The movie looks good, and features a mildly interesting story, as well as having an amazing ending (the unicorn symbolism). However, the movies pacing is a off at times, and the movies biggest mistake was not giving us an interesting human character to connect with. Another overrated movie that doesn't deserve the immense praise it gets. It's not terrible or anything, just not that good.

Jeff L (jp) wrote: Great adaptation. Loved Alda and Burstyn in this. The chemistry worked for me.

Pavan R (es) wrote: One of the best versions of the story...less gun and more drama..good acting, editing and direction

Becky T (us) wrote: Very good thriller and, in many ways, before its time, given the NSA spying allegations 15 years later!

Luis P (ca) wrote: I do not understand why this movie is being so attacked all over the place. As far B-movies go this should be highly praised because it puzzles me why people compare productions like this to hollywood mega-blockbusters with tons of money. For the small budget Vikingdom created a real B-movie gem/miracale here.Its pure fun, the production design sometimes is fantastic (i could hardly believe my eyes when i read this was a Malasyan movie and not an european production), it has a lot of variety either in locations and action scenes and above all its very enjoyable to watch. Two hours go by in a second so its hard for me to understand why such low rating in reviews. Does nobody likes B movies anymore ? Its all about how to compare independent cinema with hollywood blockbusters now ?!...People complain a lot about the CGI effects because we clearly see they are digital matte paintings...what ?... Do you mean in the hollywood blockbusters we dont notice those same effects all over ? I think Vikingdom did a good job with the Cgi and the movie feels a lot like "Vidoq" a french digital production some years ago similar in graphic style.Excelent fantasy atmosphere, feels very epic in some moments despite the low budget and to me its the Lord of the Rings of B-movies. If you love independent low budget movies and like fantasy, you should definetely check this one out. I had more fun watching Vikingdom than watching the latest Hobbit movies put togheter. Because i wasnt expecting at all to see such commitment to create an epic format out of such lack of money. Its like Vikingdom refuses to be the low budget it is and always strides to be the best it can be with the few resources it had available. And for that it should be praised. Pure FUN with a great sense of epic adventure.B-movie fans, ignore the bad hype and see it for yourselves without prejudice.I already bought my 3d blu-ray because i had to put this in my b-movie collection as i really find it one of the very best out there.As far as b-movies go i think this movie is one of the best in recent years. Its not perfect, it has a lot of cheesy moments but that is what makes up a good low budget production and this one is excelent in my opinion.I hope they do a sequel.

Khuram J (us) wrote: The plot might be predictable but the chemistry between the actors make this film a must watch for Bollywood fans.