Ni vieux ni traîtres

Ni vieux ni traîtres


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Ni vieux ni traîtres torrent reviews

Henry O (kr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this flick. This isn't a movie that was meant to be seen on a tablet or desktop. Treat yourself to the HD version and watch it on your TV, it's a completely different movie when you do that.

Lilly C (jp) wrote: I kept waiting for it to get good. It did not. This movie is really bad. Actors weren't too bad. Bad plot. Just bad.

Haydn W (jp) wrote: Truly staggering display of non-direction. Think people do stupid things in horror films? You ain't seen nothing yet.

David F (jp) wrote: Interesting and different, a bit frustrating too, Sword of honour is to be discovered. Daniel Craig was definitely a good choice for the movie.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Moderately entertaining.

Tibor B (us) wrote: Hudson Hawk isn't the complete disaster critics at the time made out, but it is clearly an underdeveloped vanity project forced forward by Willis and producer Joel Silver. Fortunately all involved seem to be aware of the thin premise so the film is played as a complete tongue-in-cheek, anything goes caper. It drags for this reason, it's not as entertaining or funny as it wants to be, or needs to be to work and there's next to no story. Michael Lehmann does his best to keep the film moving and the production values are quite good, there's clearly some money onscreen. Willis just smirks his way through as usual, James Coburn shows up for some reason, whilst unfortunately so do Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhard as a hugely irritating crime duo.

Ryan W (es) wrote: Alien is a great sci-fi horror film dripping with atmosphere and tension it still holds up today as it did in 1979.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,...

Private U (ru) wrote: Love all Laurel & Hardy movies.

Taylor W (kr) wrote: This a bad sports movie about a not normal sport since BASEketball