Nice - À propos de Jean Vigo

Nice - À propos de Jean Vigo


Part of a series in which foreign filmmakers portray a region or town in France. Manoel de Oliveira looks at Nice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nice - À propos de Jean Vigo torrent reviews

Heather M (fr) wrote: This was an amazing story with a strong cast. You definitely get sucked into both family's struggle to deal an 18 year old mistake. I love how things worked out for everyone in the end.

Arnaud L (jp) wrote: Casting and technical aspects are pretty good. But the mix of dark storyline and the Karate aspect of the film have difficulty to interact well with each others.

Benjamin L (nl) wrote: My first IMAX movie. Impressive effects and animation. Interesting storyline. It was a shame that it was so short though.

lupita p (br) wrote: its been a really long time I haven't watched this movie and I always liked it and I would really love to watch it again I give it a 5 star :)

Manuel T (br) wrote: Excelente documental. Los tiempos felices en la humanidad son las pginas vacas de la historia. - Leopld Von Ranke

Bagavasingam T (au) wrote: see how strangers change our life........

Faisal F (es) wrote: My Mom is A Serial Killer....

Albert B (nl) wrote: Deniro ruined this movie - he plays all his characters the same