Nice Girl?

Nice Girl?

A young girl finds herself attracted to one of her father's business partners.

A young girl finds herself attracted to one of her father's business partners. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff C (jp) wrote: Another great HBO WWII mini-series. Just a mild downturn from Band of Brothers, but overall, it was an excellent, ten-part collection. Incredible theatre during some of the most horrific moments in US military history. Not for the faint of heart, but it certainly draws you into the humanity of war.

David T (mx) wrote: Starts out with strong promise, but doesn't keep it. Funny and entertaining, but painfully predictable and braindead.

Hannah H (es) wrote: Tasted like Wes Anderson backwash. It so desperately wanted to be eloquently and simply profound, but lacked any sort of imagination or original thought. Some great camera work. Gorgeous, talented actors not used to their potential. Copy cat work without any of the depth.

Bart G (ag) wrote: AWESOME GUY FILM....kinda wrong but hell.....All MEN should see this!!!!

Madison D (nl) wrote: I lOVE maid Of Honor!

Prapti C (it) wrote: one of the movies i sit n watch every time it cums on.the clomax is jus great.really tough to get the best scene..

Dewey F (es) wrote: **Spoiler Alert** PISS ALL ENDING! **Spoiler Alert**

Rikki C (br) wrote: Very good period drama with some amazing actresses and sexy leading man

Russell G (au) wrote: This movie didn't get much love but I will take the road less traveled and say I quite enjoyed it. Chris Kattan was awesome and he was so good as this hyper active spastic character that makes me laugh. The dialog is a bit cheesy but I think it was done as a parody of secret agent movies in general. I have a soft-spot for dumb comedies and Chris Kattan did such a good job that I could help but like it.

Alex W (nl) wrote: its like a documentary about the modern day ed wood

Spookie M (it) wrote: Jaws at a ski resort. Every time there's almost gore it freeze frames and the image turns red.

Bruno V (us) wrote: One of the better Suspence- movies , entertaining enough . Josh does a good job , how do they cast some of that ugly people ? Not an honor my idea . SOMDVD

Carey M (gb) wrote: Little known 80s movie that is actually pretty entertaining.

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Awful. Religious propaganda. What a waste of time

Jameel K (us) wrote: Nice fight sceens ! The acting and plot is very poor.

bill s (ru) wrote: Why ya gotta pick on the christians in such a funny entertaining movie?