Nichiren to moko daishurai

Nichiren to moko daishurai


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Nichiren to moko daishurai torrent reviews

Christopher N (ca) wrote: this is without a doubt the absolute worst movie I have ever seen! Dont waste your time with this bomb of a movie

Eric R (jp) wrote: not impressed.. no character development.. no depth.. poorly acted... I wish I could say something more positive.. but holy crap.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: I had no idea what to expect with this one, and didn't have the highest expectations by any means, but when it was finished I was very much impressed. For a movie that didn't stray a block away from the phone booth where Stew stood for the duration of the film, it was intense and caught your full attention, with an urge to know what happens next. It's intense in the way that out shooter talks and takes charge of the situation, with that calm and deep voice over the phone, and the excellent acting of fear and stress and helplessness of Stew by Colin Farrell makes it really deep and watchable. This movie would have been very hard to make perfect, and somehow they got it pretty much as perfect as it could have been made. The acting is excellent, Colin Farrell steals the show, everyone else is simply supporting, and the shooter is mysterious and calm and witted, everything a good bad guy should be. It's not fast paced, but not slow by any means, it's the right pace without to much action and Is generally done in a way that is believable and intriguing. The ending Is really good too, had no idea what the outcome would be until Stew was in the ambulance, then knew what was going to happen, and it was a very good way to end a good story, and leaves a little for use to think about in terms of what would happen if the story went on, but in a good way. Anyways very well done, a hard subject to get right and hard to make I'm sure, so a thumps up to the director and actors who did a great job, was then who really made this movie what it is after all

arun k (jp) wrote: Saw the movie, not that good. Very poor English translation and horrible sub-titles.

Anel D (au) wrote: this is where lady gaga gets her wardrobe from

Nellie K A (es) wrote: I saw it twice and I love it

James Z (kr) wrote: This is one of the most thrilling war movies ever made. The acting, directing, story line, and action definitely make this a fully riveting film. It has always been one of my favorites.

Sean N (ru) wrote: A little too ordinary, a little more surrealism wouldn't have hurt

Megan J (br) wrote: the best chick flick - ever!

Keith C (gb) wrote: This bread pudding is extra runny tonight.