Nicholas on Holiday

Nicholas on Holiday

It's the end of the school year. The long-awaited moment of the holidays is arrive. The little Nicolas, her parents and Grandma take the road towards the sea, and settle in for some time at the Hotel Beau-Rivage.

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Daniel B (de) wrote: This movie is different from most suspense/thriller flicks. In a good way! Maura West extends her acting chops and plays her role in a very convincing way! Kudos to Ms. West!!!

Paul S (fr) wrote: not a whow but good movie

Henri N (fr) wrote: only complaint...more songs would be good, but the DVD has 3 1/2 hours of their last show!

Jeff S (gb) wrote: Great feature. Love the flow of the movie and an incredible soundtrack as well. Spencer Lofranco is a breakout star

Indra W (nl) wrote: It's artistic, funny and absolutely free. It will provides you with a unique perspective about Valmiki's Ramayana.

Lupe B (es) wrote: not a great movie but not to bad either, a so so movie

Ian R (us) wrote: Fun and breezy with a mega hot ScarJo and great scenery.

Stephen W (kr) wrote: Here it is, the King of the superhero movie genre. Chris Nolan succeeded admirably in reviving the Batman franchise after Batman and Robin killed it. Batman Begins was a terrific movie. But Nolan absolutely knocks it out of the park with The Dark Knight.Upping the stakes, Batman is now faced with an enemy unlike anything he's ever imagined. The Joker, played so magnificently by the late Heath Ledger, is a villain for the ages. He is a mind gaming terrorist, a psychopath in clown make up and a purple suit who has ZERO empathy for anyone or anything, and has no rules at all. He turns Gotham City upside down, spreading fear and chaos where ever he goes. Heath Ledger is simply stunning in the role, and completely transforms himself into The Joker. His Academy Award was more than deserved. He has created a true cinematic classic villain.Another new key player is the charismatic and noble District Attorney, Harvey Dent, played with underrated skill by Aaron Eckhart. He is Gotham's White Knight, the hero with a face that Gotham needs, and ultimately tragedy befalls him, and he becomes the iconic bat baddie, Two Face. The special fx used to create Two Face's scarred visage is flawless. Eckhart raises the roof with tension when he turns to the dark side, especially in the movie's chilling climax.Christian Bale returns to don the cape and cowl, and like in Begins, he seems more comfortable playing Bruce Wayne than he does Batman. Not say he's a bad Batman, he's actually a good Batman, but seems more at home playing Wayne than the Bat.Gary Oldman gets a bigger role in the story as Jim Gordon, who provides the third cog in the justice trio of Batman/Harvey/Jim Gordon, as they fight to save Gotham from the chaos The Joker has unleashed. Oldman is fantastic as Gordon, and has really settled into the role more.The immortal Morgan Freeman returns as Wayne Enterprise tech wizard and CEO, Lucius Fox. He gets some terrific scenes, most notably his sensational handling of the Coleman Reese character. Michael Caine is wonderful as ever as the faithful butler, Alfred. He provides some great dry wit, fatherly advice to Bruce, and even as a crime fighting aid to Bruce in his new outfitted secret bunker. Maggie Gyllenhaal replaces Katie Holmes as the Rachel Dawes character, and this is a good thing, as her acting is several notches above Katie's. The Rachel Dawes character is still a bland one, but not a badly acted bland one thanks to Maggie. Rachel serves more of a prominent role and purpose in the story this time around. The action pieces are terrific. Most notably there's a stunning sequence in Hong Kong, and a fabulous car chase sequence between Batman's Bat-Pod, the Joker's circus truck, and an armored car containing Harvey Dent. The fight scenes are also better executed, as the whole shakey camera effect from Begins is dropped, and the fights are more clearly visible.The only mis-steps I'd say Nolan did was that Gotham City could have looked a little more gothic and grimey. But it's a minor complaint. Bale's Batman voice sounds a little too growly in certain scenes. But other than these minor flaws, the movie is epic. A mile stone in the superhero movie genre. It pulls no punches. Leaves you wanting more.

Felipe D (ca) wrote: AWFUL!!! Larry Joe and Leighton are terrible actors.

Ashley T (us) wrote: Saw this on a very busy day at TIFF (four movies in 9 hours). It was probably good, but I was so tired I fell asleep anyway. Icelanders speak way too fast to follow along when you're tired!

Brent T (ag) wrote: GREAT WRESTLING behind the scene look.

Heather R (kr) wrote: The parts with David Sloane are great, the stuntman in a ninja mask peeping on the soft core porn session is disturbing but I guess after being in prison Davids actions make sense to some degree. Though Mexico is not as exotic as Thailand or Rio this sequel still got that right. The tournament storyline provides lots of fighting throughout the movie but something about Sasha Mitchells presence seems absent in the middle of the movie and is dissapointing. The final fight is disappointing only because of the lack of back and forth between David and Tong Po, it's more of a beating for Tong-Po more than anything. Some of Sasha Mitchell's best and longest fights on camera are in this sequel and worth a viewing for that alone. Where's the music?

Milly B (ag) wrote: Ben Stiller deserves half a star, but that is all.

Michael M (au) wrote: While the alien abduction scene is still fucking freaky and awesome, the rest of the movie really isn't that great. Forgot James Garner was in this.

Eric B (kr) wrote: Although a slow moving western. I think it is one of Jimmy Stewart's best especially when you bring in Audie Murphy to play his brother. Plus it gave Jimmy a chance to play his accordian.

Jaime R (fr) wrote: Frank Capra's weakest, which does not at all say a thing.

Rob S (br) wrote: Great premise for a movie but painfully done. I enjoyed reading the sub one star reviews much more than watching the film. It fails as a discussion of philosophy or logic and has a tendency despite its stated objective of testing reason and logic to instead push a left leaning emotion based morality.