Nidra (Malayalam: നിദ്ര) is a 2012 Malayalam film directed by Siddharth. The film is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name directed by Siddharth's father Bharathan. It stars Siddharth, Rima Kallingal, and Jishnu in the main roles. The songs were composed by Jassie Gift and the background score was by Prashant Pillai. The cinematography was handled by Sameer Thahir. The film was well received by critics.

So, we have the kernel of the old story reworked a little and made a bit complex with the use of flashbacks. Raju (Siddharath himself), who was in Germany to do some research, was not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Khaled M (us) wrote: A solid cast and performance by Brian Cranston.

Bill M (au) wrote: It looks like Swanberg will only finish one more film before he turns 30.

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B S (ru) wrote: another movie I'd like to give a negative rating.

Meredith N (de) wrote: I highly recommend this one...

Issac L (de) wrote: The enchanting opening score and a dominant blue hue eases its way of a concealed familial drama with a murder case, a blackmail and an in-the-closet gay son. Out of expectation, a lesser impact on the gay culture, the film endeavors a strenuous effort to accent on a desperate mother's instinct of shielding her son, and magnificently the plot concocts a cordial twist to furnish the film with compassion and great gratification. Tilda Swinton is the ace here (vaguely has sustained her indie-queen ethereality into a more mainstream scope since then), magnifying every impression into an intact personification of a role model mother of three children, who struggles to cover a murder case which she thinks has executed by her elder gay son (which is barely the truth as audience has witnessed the entire occurrence), after that developing a mutual affinity with a young gay blackmailer, things start to become more engrossing. Goran Visnjic is equally empathetic and even a tad overshadowing Ms. Swinton during the final confrontation (a poignant moment arrives when their lips are so close to each other near the end of the film). It never goes awry with the things-getting-worse-until-the-very-end mode, at first one might sense a pro-WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN (2011) ominous trauma was awaiting us, congenially enough it is not about the embittering mother-son's love/hate perplexity. This indie gem from director duo Scott McGehee & David Siegel (whose later feature BEE SEASON 2005 is a rueful misfire, a 5/10 in my rating, while their latest WHAT MAISIE KNEW starring my diva Julianne Moore is on the shelf this year) needs more credit for its adroit exposition, splendidly heart-rending impetus and the celeste tableau.

justin w (jp) wrote: prior to watching this film, i had never seen anyone knocked out from a kick to the shins...however, the horrible fight scenes in this movie allowed me to view such a delight. if you like cheesy movies, nobody did it better back in the 60's than japan...and this film is amongst the cheesiest and most entertaining. i think it's impossible to watch this flick without letting out at least a little bit of a chuckle. it's good fun.

Paul Q (kr) wrote: Oh that Mitsuko! If you like your lovers constantly conniving and horrifyingly manipulative, you'll love Mitsuko. I won't spoil any of her surprises, but she doesn't disappoint! The storyline is sort of like a Japanese Peyton Place gone berserk, centered Mitsuko's sociopathic seduction of an unhappily married woman and later of her hapless husband, accomplished through a series of ingeniously warped mind games. Mitsuko has her own problems, however, with another lover who not only traps his rivals in humilating situations, he gets them to sign legal documents testifying to the facts! Yet he's no Mitsuko, and by the end, her single-minded need to be loved and worshipped reaches an astonishing level. Masumara packs a lot of hysteria, scheming, eroticism, and obsession into ninety minutes. It all points toward the characters' self-destruction, which feels both inevitable and deserved. I enjoyed the descent into Mitsuko-obsession, beginning in whispers, then scandal, then screaming, and then turning so intense that the characters can no longer even function in society. Perhaps what I remember most about the movie, as much as all the crazed declarations, fantastic dresses, and twisted uses of sleep medication, is the part of Mitsuko's maid, who must have the most unusual domestic servant duties on earth. Ah, to serve Mitsuko!

Kim B (us) wrote: Well performed and told but a bit formulaic for me. Based on the horrible incident at Munich olympics and events thereafter. Everything about it was good including the message about the muddled violent history of Israel and Palestine and the grayness between both sides but it wasn't as great as it could be. A long movie but told fast with a lot going on, I wish it would've focused more on some things.

John M (us) wrote: It's very 80s cheesey which brings the film down a lot when watching it nowadays, but Dustin Hoffman is phenomenal in it. The plot is completely implausible, but who cares when the cast is this fun.