Nie ma rózy bez ognia

Nie ma rózy bez ognia


Nie ma róży bez ognia title in Polish: There is no rose without fire, in reference to two mixed up proverbs – There is no rose without thorns, and There is no smoke without the fire – is a Polish comedy film from 1974 directed by Stanisław Bareja. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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April H (us) wrote: very, very cute movie

Thomas B (ru) wrote: if like the first one will like this not as gore as first one worth a rental

Despina T (mx) wrote: min to pieite...lousteite!

felipe m (ag) wrote: timo longa de animao mostrando o dia-a-dia de uma casa de repouso, onde idosos, muitas vezes abandonados pelos seus parentes, passam seus momentos juntos, contando apenas com a boa vontade de enfermeiros e deles mesmos.

Casey O (fr) wrote: I saw this at a screening at the Sunset 5 last night and I was SO impressed! For a film that was shot in 15 days with a budget of UNDER $50,000, it was fantastic! It's such a heartfelt story that's not too deep, but very endearing! It opens in 3 So Cal theaters this weekend (Hollywood, Garden Grove, Irvine). See it if you get the chance!

Mark R (fr) wrote: Great cast, doesn't show the gruesome murders you'd expect but more of the people side, of what was really going behind the scenes. A+ movie

Claire C (gb) wrote: This movie brings an actress's life to live, not traditional, not commercialized, and definitely not boring at all! Great performance by Naomi Watts, but you need to be in the right mood to appreciate the whole thing

Paul D (au) wrote: A study in how to make the subject of sex seem very dull. The middle-ages India story has a nice look and a sensual feel to it, but it requires more interesting drama.

Andrew M (es) wrote: The romantic comedy is a hard genre to nail. The genre is a popular one, but it seems that audiences are only drawn to them so strongly due to stories that sacrifice realistic situations and characters for ideal ones. Love is a very fantastical thing, after all. Thankfully, Rob Reiner doesn't succumb to this with When Harry Met Sally: the result is a beautiful little film that stands as a solid entry in the genre without finding the need to deliver unrealistic ideas. Reiner and screenwriter Nora Ephron deliver a story that, in a way, is semi-autobiographical, drawing from their own personal thoughts on love and relationships based on their past life experiences. These ideas are what make Harry and Sally such compelling and realistic characters: they're as close to real life as movie characters can get. It helps that Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan give their all in their performances, and share wonderful chemistry with one another. These are two characters whose ups and downs over the course of 12 years are relatable and understandable, and Crystal and Ryan are the life force behind this relationship. This is one of the quintessential romantic comedies for good reason, because it's one of the most earnest and heartfelt ones out there.

Japhordan C (kr) wrote: Cocoon is another entertaining film from the 80's with Howard's directing and the cast that really works together well.

Rainer K (mx) wrote: Never, I repeat, never, have I seen a film that was both as funny and smart as Ernst Lubitsch's To Be or Not to Be.Set in WWII Nazi-occupied Warsaw, it follows the adventures of a theater ensemble that gets involved with Polish underground activity.Carole Lombard plays the female lead Maria Tura in probably the best performance of an actress I've ever seen from this era. Strong female roles, where women not only function as accessories are rare in pre-60s cinema and she nails it.So does her in-film husband Jack Benny who is as narcissistic as it gets and believes he's the best of all Shakespearean actors (he can pull off a pretty convicing Gestapo officer and German double agent as well), but Lombard outplays even him.Anyways, the film won me over with the incredible amount of detail in dialogue and the whole production, starting with the Polish name signs in the first scene, up to the scene where an actor, posing as an assassin recites Shylock's monologue from The Merchant of Venice in front of a group of SS-soldiers and other actors posing as Hitler and his staff. There are a lot of scenes like that, and this is what made this film so wonderful.To Be or Not to Be challenges Chinatown for the best movie script I've ever seen, not only does it feature sharp dialogue and funny one-liners but so many twists and changes of perspective, it can only be attributed to the director's enormous skill that we don't get lost in it.I can't wait to see more from Lubitsch, I bet he has some more masterpieces in his resumee.

Julien B (nl) wrote: Srie Z franco-belge, avec quelques trous dans le scnar. Ambiance sympa mais ral un peu trop bricole. Dans le genre zombies-taupes, voir plutt "the burrowers".

Michael G (fr) wrote: had to wear sunglasses throughout to protect my eyes from burt's pearly whites

Chris D (it) wrote: Am I watching a Disney movie or an overlong commercial for Latin America? When it's mostly the latter, it makes for a wasteful and boring use of talent even for a 42 min film.

Morten L (ag) wrote: Brilliant flick from 1973 and it certainly has got longevity. I just love the 70's soundtrack. Well played by especially Matthau and Joe Don Baker.