Nie ma takiego numeru

Nie ma takiego numeru

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rajsinQa m (es) wrote: ffffafaffafafaffabbbbbbbuuuuuuullllllleeeees

Mad M (es) wrote: *NOTE: be careful reading reviews... a lot of people are giving spoilers, even if they don't intend to.I'll give the movie one thing, it's tense from start to finish. Very gritty.Overall it's a good movie, not great, but good. Good acting and excellent pace. The plot is short and simple; I felt they could have cut a bit and deepened the storyline. They also could have developed a few more characters better.Ultimately, I definitely recommend you check it out.

Douglas H (jp) wrote: This is a hypnotic movie which mixes an incredibly long day at school with an assortment of increasingly hothouse flashbacks. Disguised as a halfhearted horror film and mutilated by censors, it still works as one of the most impressive films of the decade. It's protagonist Min-Ah finds herself becoming obsessed with the romance between two older students. The romance itself is played with grand flourish as peer pressure, the refusal to forgive, and rejection take it's toll. It is this fray that Min-Ah enters after a tragedy occurs and one she just can't pull herself away from as she falls for the moody introvert Shi-Eun. All the while the being of the Shi-Eun's former lover, the deceased outcast Hyo-shin, hangs over the school as the darkest of clouds. The film is complex, well acted (not just by the three female leads but by all involved), and, in it's last 5 minutes, reaches an ending both satisfying and yet ambigious.

Dan G (ag) wrote: tom sizemore and bruce willis. cant imagine how much coke was blown during this horrible movie. sarah jessica parker shoulda gotten dumped in the river instead of that bottle of black label - god damn she's a whore

Harrison W (br) wrote: Now that's some good fightin. Some decent politics. Contrived af. Did the movie give us any reason to LIKE the protagonist other than he's not the bad guy? "I'm doing this for my dead wife whom I'll see in the afterlife, but let's makeout!" Did Romans even believe in an afterlife?DOES Russell Crowe's character have superpowers? Reverse headbutt from kneeling position with a sword above him, sword-throwing, seeing his family killed from far away. How did the dad die? And the wife and kid?Does anyone else think that Joaquin looks, acts, talks, and has the same plor as Ramsay Bolton?!This bugs me in so many movies but we see many cultures and they all speak English, but only the bad guys speak a foreign language?!

Andrew R (ca) wrote: I loved it, fantastic film with great characters, and a great plot. The only big downside is some of the english actors are very poor. Other than that its a fantastic example of how great martial arts cinema can be.

Steve S (us) wrote: Documenting one of the greatest rock bands ever touring on the back what many consider their most inspired and brilliant album. Absolutely magnificent performances that mix the spiritual overtones of Bono's socio-political leanings together with the mythology of America and the hope that it's held for so many in Bono's homeland of Ireland. Bono employs his powerful voice and indeed he is worthy of the title Bono Vox,which means good voice, to the service of his thesis that America is still a beacon of hope at the close of the century for so many who seek moral and social justice. He sermonizes with the fire of a preacher on stage and indeed the band does collaborate with a gospel choir on I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Amazing film about a great band at the peak of their career!

John B (mx) wrote: I was glad to have caught this on Turner Classics a few weeks back. I have always thought that Ronald Colman was terribly underrated and overshadowed by Clark Gable who he resembled greatly. This is great depiction of how personal amibition and ethics often have great impacts on how personal lives are lived.