Niente può fermarci

Niente può fermarci

"Nothing can stop us" is a On the Road comedy. And 'the journey of formation of 4 "particular" boys, to the affirmation of self and acceptance of their differences. A fun and spectacular ...

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Kanika P (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie! It pronounces a strong message throughout, with amazingly witty dialogues.

Michael T (ru) wrote: An IFC documentary on explosion of horror films that followed George Romero's THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in 1968. The film's focus is on the period from 1968 until roughly 1982 when Romero, Carpenter, Craven, Hooper, Cronenberg, and Savini changed horror. Essential viewing for anyone who religiously read Fangoria as a teenager.

Eber N (de) wrote: It's a great movie of those that you made fun of small and long time not see them does, it's amazing to see her every Christmas with children next, one of the best parts of this film is that in which the father played by Schwarzenegger and a busy postman played by Sinbad, have a chat while waiting to have the toy store on Christmas shopping last minute when the former tells the postman that your child also wants a doll Turbo Man the second will release a words are the truth: "we are in the hands of powerful cartels of toys, a handful of bigwigs who use the hard workers like you and I, millions of dollars are spent on advertising and are throwing subliminal messages to suck your mind our children, and what I say because I attended one year at college and study psychology, so I am aware it is happening and thus get a kid feel like garbage, if your father that you work 24 hours delivering mail so that we can pass the pension to a woman who has slept with all staff post but me, and when you have the toy breaks and you can not fix it because it is cheap plastic, you know I want to do? would go up to that office, grab one of them and squeeze the neck until their eyes pop "that although partly a joke (about the woman who sleeps with all staff post under him ) is also a reflection, a critique toy companies, when a child wants something very special that is fashionable either a doll or a game of a very popular character, you go crazy looking and can not find, as in this film the father for a workaholic wants to compensate your child for his karate class have been lost, this asks a doll of a character based on bullshit type series "Power Rangers" Turbo Man, the problem is that although it has promised buy it, is the world's best selling toy and the father is involved in the most bizarre and unfortunate situations to get the happy Turbo Man. in order that you want to tell? Schwarzenegger always liked more in comedy than in those tatty and loggerhead movies shootings and punches without argument.

Nick F (mx) wrote: Earnest performances from an eclectic and likable cast and a soundtrack that is hard not to love makes this adaption of the P. F. Kluge novel a nice time-waster on a lazy day. Tom Berenger who is now associated with tough-as-nails characters such as in the Sniper movies plays against type as the Rimbaud-loving shy piano player. Part of the Wonder Years nostalgia industry that took hold in the 80s, the movie offers a strange musical what-if with a soundtrack that crosses 50s do-wop ditties with Bruce Springsteen-like music all happening in 1963! Pare is perfect as Eddie and he manages to sell it even when he delivers some bizarre lines (his bedsheets metaphor for music is strange to say the least) The rock n' roll mystery plot combined with the reminisces through flashbacks of the Wordman's days with the band makes for an interesting structure to watch unfold. The movie has considerable charm and while no classic, I admit to it being a guilty pleasure.

Michael M (fr) wrote: UGH. Shockingly bad flic. Almost as bad as Battlefield earth.

Guilherme N (mx) wrote: Surprising balance between traditional and unconventional cinema