Night and the City

Night and the City

A small-time grifter and nightclub tout takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances and tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter.

Londoner Harry Fabian (Richard Widmark) wants to be big-time, and he does not care how he raises cash for his schemes. But soon Harry learns the horrible price of his ambition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night and the City torrent reviews

Yash B (kr) wrote: If you're a fan of Eddie Murphy, it is definitely watchable.

Andr (fr) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Low).First viewing: 31.03.2001

william s (de) wrote: It not a amazing movie at all. but I found it to be a entertaining movie

Juliet A (br) wrote: Brilliant. A nice way see how Adora become She-Ra. With He-man

Kameron W (au) wrote: A classic 80's teen comedy from one of the greatest directors of the decade John Hughes.

Jack C (fr) wrote: Some very strange but bizarre humor in this one. I enjoy Freddie Jones as the "Host" of the movie, I do find his dubbed voice not to be mixed properly but still he is great in this movie.

Tom H (kr) wrote: This pretty much sucked.

Jack G (us) wrote: Wish they still made movies like this

David L (ag) wrote: Diamonds Are Forever is such a forgettable and weak Bond entry with too silly and campy approach, weak characters and acting and many ridiculous moments in it. It isn't bad as it can be entertaining, but it is still a largely mediocre movie that is one of the worse entries in the franchise.

Quincy T (ru) wrote: Firing blank despite the decent cast and production value. There seems to be something inherently lacking about American Heist. Be it may the boring pace or the lackluster script, the movie is considerably basic and uninteresting. Story follows James (Hayden Christensen) who is forced to do a heist by his brother Frankie (Adrien Brody). That's practically all there is to it, yet the movie is needlessly bloated by pointless clich of crime drama. It takes literally an hour before any momentum can be achieved. At that span of time American Heist is a repetitive foray of tired love subplot and awkward script which consists of refined use of words such as "Fuck" and "Bro" in every other sentences. It feels so dreary and dry as the cast could perform so much more.Adrien Brody is certified good, bless him for trying so hard with so little, although in the end the performance is unintentionally uncomfortable. Hayden Christensen can definitely deliver better performance, in fact he did in Takers, which is exactly the same genre. Heck, even Jordana Brewster in Fast and Furious franchise has had better material to work with. Her role in this film is so redundant, almost a glorified wallflower even. This is quite surprising since the movie has some good production. When it gets going the cinematography is pretty good. Using action oriented shots and presentation with the city in rain, the tension is elevated on the last act. However, it's barely enough to get audience's attention, especially after the comparatively weak start.American Heist may boast some famous name and a glint of decent visual, but the tedious and generic material is a waste of time and money.

Jason C (nl) wrote: A film so generic perhaps a one-word review would suffice. To add some depth - the casting varies from wise (Costner as the recruiter/mentor) to the heavily flawed (Knightley as the combative love interest) but everything else is Hollywood-spy-drama-plotholes-ahoy by the numbers. The deepest mystery to consider is why Branagh directed it this way and, indeed, cast himself to play the ultimate Russian bad guy stereotype. Talk about a waste of talent (though my wife would add a star for Chris Pine alone).

Jack W (de) wrote: Despite featuring arguably the MCU's weakest villain. Thor: The Dark World is an entertaining and funny entry into the ever growing universe.