Night at the Golden Eagle

Night at the Golden Eagle

An ex-convict's plans to turn legit go awry.

An ex-convict's plans to turn legit go awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night at the Golden Eagle torrent reviews

Troy K (ru) wrote: Surprisingly, a lot better than I was expecting after the opening.

PY C (ag) wrote: No idea what was going on but I'm not interested to find out too.

Michael B (kr) wrote: Not Bad at all really. But not that great. Ill admit though im no anime fan.

Mike H (kr) wrote: Some inklings of a great director to come, but here he is still poking film with a stick, trying to figure out what it's all about. This one becomes a chore to sit through at only an hour and a half. But don't mistake this negative text as a complete dismissal -- a few flashes here and there look like possible inspirations for some of David Lynch's work.

Greg W (kr) wrote: another one of director david lean's 'minor' films but oh so good

Francisco L (gb) wrote: Its obvious that Arnold Schwarzenegger's gave powerful performances and with the help of the talented Jamie Lee Curtis this movie became better and more funny that it was expected for its predictable plot and bad fundamented screenplay, however it is really interesting and funny.

Hobie P (au) wrote: The un-cut version of this film is a classic and very gory.