Night Dragon

Night Dragon

A dark thriller twisted around a love story. A criminal has the dilemma of whether to risk her life to save her lover, who she's betrayed.

A dark thriller twisted around a love story. A criminal has the dilemma of whether to risk her life to save her lover, who she's betrayed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maxine L (mx) wrote: really good. hope the vince vaughn version lives up!

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: Inspirational, insightful, uniquely realized, and undoubtedly fascinating, Temple Grandin is yet another strong biopic from HBO. Based on the life of Temple Grandin, an amazing woman with autism who has added both hope and understanding to the condition. It's through her work that we understand the autistic mind as a complex one, capable of remarkable brilliance, thinking visually and able to replicate and recall images to an unbelievable degree.The film goes through Temple's life and major experiences, but does so without a "by the numbers approach". It accomplishes this through an amazing performance from Claire Danes, who completely inhibits Temple Grandin. The narrative allows us to better understand her mind by giving us flashes of the sort of visuals she experiences, while always keeping narrative focus. The film doesn't pander to her or those with autism, but rather transcends condescending notions by showing the underling ability that often goes unnoticed and cultivated. Overall, it's an effective, resonate, and strongly executed biopic.4/5 Stars

Philip N (kr) wrote: HK remake of Cellular wasn't bad. But, man, Liu Ye really has to pick some more non-villain roles.

Daryl J (de) wrote: Very ver cool film, I think every man, any I can't speak for women on a general level but I think a lot of women has though to themselves, Could I make it in the wild? Well the answer is Yes if you are prepaird to work hard and educate yourself before you set off on adventure. It is a truly awesome experience watching Dick Proenneke live a mountan man life. A joy of a watch, You will be glad however it is a lazy sunday movie, do not expect any explosions car chases or drug lords.

Chris M (us) wrote: The Southern accents are really bad (Especially Bill Sage's and Leelee Sobieski's) and somewhat distracting. Still the story is powerful and deeply pertinent to the both the area in which I was born and also the one in which I now currently reside.

Justin R (gb) wrote: A really nice flick about loneliness and love.

Eric H (gb) wrote: This is another of those films I thought was great the first time, so-so on the second. Overall, it got high marks - at least on the first viewing - because it's an entertaining film that doesn't overstay its welcome at 92 minutes.

Craig C (ag) wrote: Man in a lion suit LOL

Darren H (ag) wrote: I remember seeing this film is theaters back in 1994. I was totally blown away how good a film it was. The movie can best be described as an urban Goodfellas. The story line is almost set up to parallel it. The story opens up much like Goodfellas with a crime taking place. The main character "Cain" played by Tyrin Turner narrates the story much like Ray Loita does in Goodfellas. Cain isn't a very good person, but he isn't completely bad. But he is likeable and we watch him as he guides us through his life of crime. Does Cain want to change, maybe ... but when he does decide what he want to to, will it be to late ... Also I must say Larenz Tate just about steals the show as Cain's friend and partner in crime "O-Dog". He is completely nuts, much like Joe Pesci's Charater in Goodfellas. There is one particular scene in the movie where "O-Dog" is dealing with a crack-head that I food funny, and disturbing at the same time. Samuel Jackson also has a short role in this film playing Cain's father. The Afro he is sporting is totally gangster. Man that guy is cool. All-in-All Mence II Society is a very good Gangster film, that doesn't try to be anything more than entertaining ... and if you learn something from it, I guess it would be crime doesn't pay.