Night Flight

Night Flight

A mail company pushes their pilots to fly overnight to increase their delivery speed, but storms threaten.

Polio breaks out in Rio de Janeiro, the serum is in Santiago and there's only one way to get the medicine where it's desperately needed: flown in by daring pilots who risk the treacherous weather and forbidding peaks of the Andes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night Flight torrent reviews

Patrick M (br) wrote: Joe Pesci deserved a better script than this

charles b (ca) wrote: Typical 'Almodovar' and I say that as a positive thing. Dark, funny, twisted, and smart but the ending lacks the punch you might expect from a story like this. Oh, and there's no reason this film should be over 2 hrs.

Bonnie C (de) wrote: I think rating of this movie is split right in the middle: high rating for those who understood the movie and low for those who didn't. Unfortunately I fall in the latter group. I was hoping so much to understand and enjoy this movie but failed. Oh dang~

Davis M (gb) wrote: Despite interesting subject matter, Hamer and company fails to reach the potential in Factotum. With weak cinematography and average acting (other than Dillon), It seems to be an uninspired attempt at a decent script.

bill s (ag) wrote: If you're a fan of both Dench and Hoskins then you will not be disappointed in this movie,otherwise you'll still like this nice little period piece.

Milka V (ca) wrote: A watchable teen movie, but one that I probably won't remember after a week or something...

Alex H (jp) wrote: I'm really quite glad I decided to give this movie another shot. Somehow the first time I watched it I couldn't match its wavelength and shut it off after a few minutes in a bad mood. But I realize now that that made me a piece of shite, because this is in fact imho at least equal to An American Werewolf in London, my other fav werewolf movie, and may in fact also imho be among the best horror movies there are. Fresh, dark, funny, brutal, just tops.

Stefan P (kr) wrote: Pretty enjoyable but with a meaningless and incoherent story.

Lee C (es) wrote: Once again an outstanding film over looked by Oscar due to his personal dislike of the lead actress, a travesty seeing as this is such an awesome movie experience.

Yadi S (us) wrote: Thunder Riders Community

Dax S (ru) wrote: Fun movie for me and my brother as kids.

Karen B (nl) wrote: The Conspirator was purely for entertainment and writers took creative license. History buffs understand that Mary Surratt was really guilty and an even mor interesting story is that her lawyer, Frederick Aiken was quite the incompetent lawyer AND not a war hero (he was actually a double agent). Anyway, decent acting and believable. Amazing how much the actor who played Payne really looked like him!!

jody d (nl) wrote: Bruce u need to c this

Brad S (br) wrote: - Watched this a second time and enjoyed it just as much. The writing is excellent and the 3 leads give engaging and convincing performances. Worth checking out!- I really enjoyed this one, a indie film hidden gem. It primarily features 3 characters, and all the actors are excellent in their roles. It's is a bit of a slice of life following these 3 in a complicated situation, it has moments of bot drama and humour. Highly recommended!