Night Flowers

Night Flowers

A look at the transformation of the Spanish city, Pozo del Tio Raimundo.

A look at the transformation of the Spanish city, Pozo del Tio Raimundo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad W (it) wrote: Creepy early Bill Paxton role. Does almost as much for necro-love as a full season of CSI. (Seriously, only beautiful people die in LV?) Notable also for Walton's family member Mary McDonough's nude scenes. Otherwise, not as far out as an Italian thriller, but for 80's US could count as slightly pushing the envelope.

Deadly V (es) wrote: Very funny, with charming leads

Alex K (ru) wrote: Rarely have I seen a movie that simply doesn't care. This movie was devoid on tension, emotion, or any characteristic flair, and four good, old actors can't mask a completely lazy and insultingly dumb film.

Jason J (au) wrote: This is a 15-minute short movie that serves as a sort of prequel to The Ring Two. It begins with high-schooler Jake on day 7 of "having the Ring curse". He's on the phone with someone and he's scared, but he's being advised to "record everything he sees". Then we move to a flashback showing Jake's story--from his initial involvement with "The Ring" up to the opening point of the movie and slightly beyond.As a bridge to The Ring Two, Rings only really links to the beginning of its feature-length sibling. That's bad news for The Ring Two, because this is a much better movie. It has a more interesting story, the "background premise" is much more interesting, the effects have more impact, and the cinematography is much better. In fact you get more packed into this 15 minute movie than The Ring Two itself. If you're a Ring fan, you should definitely check this one out.

Ola G (br) wrote: In the metropolis of Champion City, the would-be superhero team of Mr. Furious (Ben Stiller), The Shoveler (William H. Macy), and The Blue Raja (Hank Azaria) attempt to make a name for themselves, but their suspect skills make them ineffective, and they find themselves upstaged by the city's most successful superhero, Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear). However, Amazing is finding that his effectiveness at fighting crime has practically made his job obsolete, and without any worthy adversaries remaining (some of them are either dead, in exile, or still in jail), his corporate sponsors are beginning to pull their funding. To create a need for himself, Amazing uses his alter ego, billionaire lawyer Lance Hunt, to argue for the release of insane supervillain Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush). The plan backfires; once reunited with Tony P (Eddie Izzard) and his Disco Boys, Casanova Frankenstein blows up the insane asylum, captures Amazing, and prepares to unleash a doomsday device: the "Psycho-frakulator", which lethally bends reality. Mr. Furious, while spying on Casanova Frankenstein's mansion, discovers Amazing's capture and informs the others. After an unsuccessful rescue attempt, the three realize they need more allies, and through word-of-mouth and try-outs, they recruit Invisible Boy (Kel Mitchell), The Spleen (Paul Reubens), and The Bowler (Janeane Garofalo). The newly formed team "assaults" Casanova, which only succeeds in annoying him and damaging his car. While drunk from celebrating their victory, the team is nearly killed in retaliation by Tony P and the Disco Boys, but they are saved at the last minute by The Sphinx (Wes Studi). The Sphinx trains them, but his methods annoy Mr. Furious - he has them complete rote team-building exercises and speaks exclusively in platitudes. They also seek out mad scientist Doc Heller (Tom Waits), who specializes in non-lethal weaponry, to equip them for their battle...Back in 1999 the superhero genre wasnt exploited the way it has been the past years, so I reckon "Mystery Men" filled that void and longing to see superheros on the screen. Well, not maybe the normal sort of superhero, but something more along the line of Kick-Ass and not The Avengers. Nevertheless, this spoof/parody of the superhero genre filled with both comedians and more serious actors goes full on with everything, but at the same time fails to find its own entity within the comic genre. The mix of comic features, darkness, drama and romance never manages to be packaged together in a satisfying way. Yes, the idea of believing in yourself and you will be able to succeed with anything you want is ok. Classic theme. So in the end for one shining moment, Mystery Men really become super-heroes and saves the day. Not a big surprise to say the least. The acting is very varied despite a big ensemble cast, the editing is choppy, the cinematography is way too 90s and the special effects are not up to scratch. And the lovely Claire Forlani isnt given much to work with. "Mystery Men" is a product of the 90s and it shows, and I was a bit disappointed to re-see it again as I remembered it to be a bit better than it was. Trivia: The Mystery Men were the supporting cast of an underground superhero comic book called the Flaming Carrot. Mr. Furious and the Shoveler were the only ones from the comic to make it into the movie. Captain Amazing was created as a replacement for the Flaming Carrot, who was felt to be too bizarre to bring to the silver screen.

bloodywhitetrap (ag) wrote: what is it with spike Lee and putting Italians in his movies I'm not racist at all its just in do the right thing jungle fever and this. this movie looks stupid and satanic which we all know he turned in like 94 poor guy

Miguel A (ca) wrote: tudo o que se podia esperar de um documentrio sobre o assunto.

Ralph R (au) wrote: This is the bomb diggity of horror.

Kristy P (it) wrote: Um, yeah...pathetic. Dennis Quaid BOXING??? Who's bright idea was this one??

Harpreet W (mx) wrote: yes,it feels vaguely fimiliar to citizen kane..but who cares????guru dutt and waheeda rehman are outsatnding,almost flawless in their roles.a haunting soundtrack,inpeccable production design make this flick a cult classic.must watch.i like that song "bichde sabhi baari baari" explains life with a earthly music.superb cinema.

ric I (gb) wrote: A dog can't tell the difference between fiction and reality, believes himself to have super powers and a world-saving responsibility beneath his paws, together with a cat who's whole world was turned upside down when abandoned by her family... A certain cowboy doll named Woody would likely wonder where he's met both of these characters before... Add one of the most irritating rodents in decent animation film history, a leading girl who sounds like she was born male-she's voiced by Miley Cirus, but fortunately remains decently-dressed throughout-her equally insipid blob mother...and in the end I find myself wondering why I'm expected to give a hoot about any of these repelling, forgettable loser characters.

Paula L (gb) wrote: A great movie about illegal immigrants in London and what they have to do in order to live.