Night Moves

Night Moves

When Los Angeles private detective, Harry Moseby is hired by a client to find her runaway teenage daughter, he stumbles upon a case of murder and artifact smuggling.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   boat,   smuggling,  

Former football player and present private detective Harry Moseby gets hired on to what seems a standard missing person case, as an aging Hollywood actress whose only major roles came ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Night Moves torrent reviews

Mark C (ru) wrote: Wow, loved it! I love the music and their stories.

Thomas B (br) wrote: ***I liked the movie as a kid, and naturally looking back on it I have fond memories. That being said, I completely recognize its many flaws, and acknowledge that it isn't too good of a movie.

Jesse K (de) wrote: An absolute nightmare.

Ms A (es) wrote: Beautiful and twisted. The costumes are incredible.

Alex K (nl) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Carlos S (de) wrote: Oh no... another disappointment from my youth. I saw this when is first came out in the theatres and I remember it being so much better than this. Now, its a bad Sunday afternoon melodrama with one of the stupidest looking UFO's ever put on screen (it looks like a pile of boxes with a black tarp thrown over them with a few little plastic bit glued on. This was just cashing in on Close Encounters. Also, I always assumed that shuttle pilots were very smart people, but one of the guys here is a complete idiot. When the astronaut in the cargo bay gets killed and floats past the cockpit, he says "He had his stomach ripped out."... well, it looks more like he had his head ripped off... but hey, its an easy mistake to make.

emily s (nl) wrote: Worth watching for the dancing alone, this film does almost everything right. The bittersweet ending is both wonderful and terrible. If you are not aware of how incredibly wonderful Chita Rivera is, this film is compulsory viewing. This film also shows that before Shirley MacLaine was famous for being weird, she was a great comic actress and a phenomenal dancer.

Scott W (es) wrote: Excellent submarine thriller with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster - brilliantly acted and with exciting battle sequences.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Great sad disaster movie starring some random white guy, sorry but not racist just fact, I've never seen him in any movie ever. But all jokes aside this is a very sad movie, it's depressing and that's what I expected but not in the way in expected, I thought just by the first 15 minutes that this would be a boring slow cheesy movie but no it surprised me and the story is good, the world turns into waterworld, ha another joke / allusion waterworld could be the sequel to this movie but sadly no it can't, I want it to be but no, too good of technology in this movie. The depressing factor in this movie is phenomenal y good, not in I like depressing things but how this movie shows it I buy into it and get the feels from this movie that this is actually happening in the world but we have something much worse now, I'm not going to tell you but maybe one difference is that in this movie 2 billion people die, well I hope not that 2 billion or more die.

Scott B (ag) wrote: boring as hell, couldn't even watch it till the end