Night Moves

Night Moves

The story about three radical environmentalists coming together to execute the most intense protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.

The film centers on three environmentalists who attempts to deal with their an important problem in their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam.Although they must struggle with the ups and downs, they determine to fulfill their plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ricardo C (ru) wrote: The cantonese dialogue is intellectually simulating!

Nathan T (gb) wrote: Congrats to Spike Lee for creating a beautiful film. It seemed long, but when i thought about it, I wouldnt have edited a part out.

Stewart S (gb) wrote: Perhaps I was expecting a more glossy thriller (considering the, as it turns out, completely misrepresentative trailer) than witty self-knowing suspense comedy, so I felt let down at the strange tone of things. There are some nice red herrings set up but they're resolved far too quickly and the ending can be seen a mile off. The nicest part of this is the romance.

Andy P (de) wrote: The brutality and squalor of Johannesburg's urban slums is powerfully conveyed through Presley Chweneyagae's remarkable and emotionally telling performance, but a strong belief in the human spirit is present too.

Luke B (au) wrote: Plain old awful cheap movie making. Gotta love it. Some poor CGI and even worse green screen combines with the bad script and bland acting to create something almost so bad it's good. The ending has some nice touches including a big mechanical giant that looks real and seems rather inventive, as well as being a fully animated Wicker Man. It is also pointless, not serving the story in any way. A car chase scene which is basically the scene in Jurassic Park also works well. The stupidity just overshadows the film. Some guy called Jerry shows up in a helicopter with just a rifle to take down a 42 foot mummified giant. He is dispatched with in 5 seconds and the film then tries to develop some emotional connection with him. The worst aspect of the film is summed up by one of the last lines "You wouldn't believe some of the strange things that happen" well apparently the main characters in this film would. They are never shocked, surprised or interested in anything, whether it be the discovery of a 42 foot corpse, people going missing, or discovering a fallen angel is behind it all, they act like it's just another day at the office.

Sunil J (jp) wrote: A surprising and interesting story of strangers coming together.

Timeen (jp) wrote: I thought back in the day Sean Astin was a pretty decent actor and I loved watching his performance in this early career movie

Zhanyi J (gb) wrote: No one looks into a human soul better than Ingmar Bergman

william b (ru) wrote: I laughed so hard my stomach cramped. It was funny in the details, in its wit, in the characterizations, and in the actors' excellent performances. Marvelously made and delivered. Thanx for the ride.

Alexandra L (es) wrote: Absolutely brill! I usually don't like Alexander Skarsgrd but he is really good in this one.

Reese J (au) wrote: Dark and difficult to watch at times, but showcases much of David Fincher's grand directing talents !

Dann M (kr) wrote: Fifty Shades of Black is a no-holds-barred, incredibly reverent and outrageous parody film. While mainly a spoof of Fifty Shades of Gray, there are also sketches of other recent hit films (such as Magic Mike). Marlon Wayans leads the cast and delivers a hilarious performance, and Jane Seymour is hysterical in a small supporting role. But the crudeness and vulgarity is a bit much, and some of the jokes get beat to death. It delivers a lot of laughs, but Fifty Shades of Black is unable to strike the right balance of raunch and comedy.