Night of the Blood Beast

Night of the Blood Beast

An astronaut is killed on re-entry to Earth, but his body is seeded with rapidly-gestating aliens.

An astronaut is killed on reentry to Earth, but his body is seeded with rapidly gestating aliens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren P (it) wrote: I'm such a good husband.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: This movie is way way before miley turned into a big slut.

Harry W (jp) wrote: Nannt McPhee didn't have all that much surface appeal to me because I merely saw it as a childish comedic satire of Mary Poppins. But like the magical Nanny McPhee herself, looks can be deceiving. Nannt McPhee does follow the Mary Poppins concept very closely, being a story about a magical nanny sent in to help out a troubled family burdened by unruly children, yet she teaches them through a set of humorous punishment as opposed to joyful experiences. It's a lot more realistic in that sense because it's easier to teach a child through punishment than through reinforcement, and a humorous look at that is indeed an original concept. The main success of Nanny McPhee comes from its natural charm, since the atmosphere is gleeful and charmingly comedic, like an original Disney movie with contemporary visual qualities and a silly colourful production design. Nanny McPhee is more likely to appeal to the younger audiences, but it is in fact consistently entertaining due to a lot of its moral messages and cleverly scripted humour, but most of all the work of its talented cast.Emma Thompson of course has to be the appropriate standout of the audience, giving a charismatic lead performance as the titular Nanny McPhee with all the quirky comedic charm that is ideal for the character. Her work on the script assists her in characterising her perfectly, and she's constantly a joyful presence for the screen to benefit from. She makes Nanny McPhee a delightful romp and one with all the entertaining comedic charm necessary to pass.And Colon Firth's natural British charm is good which helps him find the ability to have a natural comedic chemistry with all the other cast members, and gives it another good name to hold to itself.And of all the juvenile cast members, the skills of Thomas Sangster are the strongest and most successfully humourous in combatting Nanny McPhee and creating a strong sense of chemistry between the two of them.Really, Nanny McPhee is childish, predictable and silly. But it's never excessive in doing so but does it just right enough thanks to the charms of Emma Thompson.

Lucas Y (nl) wrote: Steve James' only good work along with Hoop Dreams. I liked this a lot more the first time I saw it. It felt real. Upon a recent viewing I felt this was a pain to sit through. James gets his point across about halfway through the doc, but you're forced to sit through another 70 minutes of exploitation. And I have a hard time figuring out why he wanted to make this film. You never really find out his true feelings about Stevie. First he feels sorry for him, then he bashes him for his poor decisions, then he defends him. In the end I felt Stevie was a monster. Molesting children is inexcusable. I don't care how hard your life was growing up. It's still an interesting story though.

John R (gb) wrote: Great film of the Irish uprising during the early 190o to break from British rule. Only wish I had watched this before I visited Dublin. I would've had a deeper appreciation of the many of the sites I saw there. Only weak point was Julia Roberts. Wish they would've found a good authentic Irish actress to play her part. Her trying to act Irish takes away from the film.

WS W (br) wrote: Good! The final directorial piece by the late Nigel Finch. Rich in context, sincere, intellectual, intriguing & mind-opening, even for up-to-date standard. A decent drama with some adorable music numbers inter-crossing narratives.

Iatnod T (mx) wrote: This movie was and is still so great. No surprise there, since it was ahead of it's time.

007 W (us) wrote: Alien is an amazing movie, it is one of the greatest movies ever made, but it's also what I'd call one of the most horrifying movies in history in space, the movie has a great story/script, great characters and acting, great writing and directing, good dialogue, it's perfectly paced and edited, and really discussing which is great as well, Ridley Scott really saves this movie and made this movie great, he knows how to make a good movie and how to make it work, this is one of the most terrifying movies I've seen in a while, and the fact that it's also scary is another reason this movie is great, it's basically a classic horror movie set in outer space, this is one of the best horror movies I've seen in a while, it's terrifying, it's like a nightmare that makes your blood run cold and that's why this movie is really great, it's a masterpiece.

Brad S (ca) wrote: King Kong, ToHo style!

Paul D (it) wrote: It would be hard not to mention Hitchcock to describe this taut thriller. A classic from the same school of filmmaking and the acting is pretty good too.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: This film pretty much defines propaganda. Filmed during WWII, it stars Cary Grant as the commander of a submarine on a, uh, destination to Tokyo. A lot of the actors are over the top and clichd, trying to be so extremely heroic and sympathetic for the audience during that time, there are a lot of times where it??s almost laughable, but hey, it??s to be expected. There are a lot of great moments, especially the appendectomy which is actually well filmed and structured. It??s tough to make films that take place in one location, but this film does a nice job pulling it off, especially considering it??s over two hours long. I could have done without the lame opening and closing patriotic narration, but whatever.

Ryan D (fr) wrote: Everyone is far too hard on it. Yes the first is way better, and the whole thing will mel gibson is stupid but Amber Heard was so ridiculously enjoyable. Michelle Rodriguez kicks ass as she always does. Danny Trejo is cool. I frankly don't care if the critics didn't enjoy it, but I wanna see Machete Kills Again... In Space.

Jack W (ca) wrote: Kindergarten Cop is a very entertaining comedy full of memorable scenes, very funny humour and entertaining, albeit not-often, violence.