Night of the Flesh Eaters

Night of the Flesh Eaters

On the most evil night of the year, a beautiful blond woman and ruggedly handsome archeologist hitman find themselves trapped in a forest haunted by bizarre flesh eating Native American demon zombies. As they flee the woman's crime boss husband, who seeks to murder them for their illicit love affair, their car is destroyed in a head-on collision with one of the demons, a Stone Man. The blond woman and assassin must escape the perils of the dark and evil forest, on foot, without becoming demon food or getting themselves slaughtered by the woman's vengeful, fat cat husband.

On the most evil night of the year, a beautiful blond woman and ruggedly handsome archeologist hitman find themselves trapped in a forest haunted by bizarre flesh eating Native American ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin G (ru) wrote: Not a bad flick with some good minimalistic atmosphere and suspense but somewhat dragging storyline.

Chad S (mx) wrote: I didn't realize the old dog was such a trend-setting activist. Centerfolds aside, Hefner truly fought the good fight on many fronts. A great salute to a man who did it his way, succeeded, and changed shit in the process.See it.

Nathan H (gb) wrote: Very disturbing and emotionally-charged film, well-acted with mind-blowing visuals and recreations of the devastation, though there are a lot of missed opportunities. Some might claim that the focus is too heavily on Westerners, and while this film certainly could have benefited from spending more time with the Thai people, who would have even watched it, in that case? It's a BBC and HBO production, so of course the actors are British (only Mel Gibson can get away with consistently creating foreign-language films), and sorry to say, but it's easier for most Westerners to identify with other Westerners. The suspense and devastation are also highlighted by focusing upon the hopelessness of people who cannot escape what was supposed to be a vacation. No money, no place to go, no way to get out of a foreign country, loved ones killed in the tsunami. That's just as frightening as losing your home and rebuilding. I don't buy the argument that "we're self-focused" because we tell a story about westerners trapped by a tsunami.Sometimes, it's possible to get too worked up about the stories that aren't told, rather than absorbing what we're given. "Tsunami: The Aftermath" does not quite ground this event with enough context, nor with enough focus on the country of Thailand (except for several screens of text at the end), but it is powerful stuff, and horrifying. The scenes involving the demolition and "acquiring" of land from dead villagers is particularly enraging. Reminds me a great deal of the post-Katrina shenanigans, except far worse.

Allen R (de) wrote: The most accessible and straightforward film from Shinya Tsukamoto, but certainly not his least dense. VITAL is take on the more commercialized horror films from Japan, but it's still brimming with Tsukamoto brilliance - the scenes of dissection filmed as love scenes come across particularly unnerving. I know Tadanobu Asano is called "the Japanese Johnny Depp", but I've always found him more like Tobey Maguire - they both possess a similar inexpressive nature in their acting styles.

Patrick F (it) wrote: Robots is one of the best kept secrets in animated film history!!! This movie is a masterpiece of fun, fun, and more fun. I loved it from the moment I first watched it and still love it after the 10th time. I have never had anyone watch this movie and NOT absolutely love it. Regardless of age. My 4 year old loved it, as well as my elderly parents. It is also a heart warming family story that will bring happy tears to your eyes. Don't miss this one!!! It does not disappoint. 53% by audiences?? We're they watching while cooking dinner??

Randy T (it) wrote: Apparently there is a downside to pornography. Who knew?!?!

Elisa Virginia v (nl) wrote: es una buena pelicula.. mostrando a SRK entregando todo por la persona q ama... incluso la vida para poder estar juntos...

Erin K (br) wrote: haha a childhood classic that still makes me smirk

Cassie H (us) wrote: I love this movie. It was a great early film for John Cusack and Demi Moore. Bobcat Goldthwait is hilarious as the Stork twin Egg. Jeremy Piven is also another thing to enjoy in John Cusack films. Just love it! I enjoy it every time I watch it :)

Brandon S (gb) wrote: Dusan Makavejev's first masterpiece is a realist look at crime and punishment and at the same time a look into investigations of murders during the 60's. The film like other works by Makavejev feels like you are watching five different films spliced together at the same time all with the same centralized theme. A woman falls for a man and he moves in with, meanwhile at work another man pesters her until she gives in and then tragedy ensues. Hands down one of the best films from Makavejev and quite possibly the finest film from Serbia.

Quinto W (au) wrote: As subtle as a slap in the face, which makes it hard to distinguish from other Sunday morning films shown in Televisa, even when directed by Luis Buuel, but that doesn't mean it isn't funny and good, especially the two male leads.

Roberta C (mx) wrote: Absolutely LOVED it! It is right up there as one of my favorites! Bought the DVD

Kathleen C (ag) wrote: This film is excellent.

Emmy J (it) wrote: I think I saw this! I dont remember!