Night of the Ghouls

Night of the Ghouls

Phony spiritualist raises the dead.

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David K (ca) wrote: without a doubt there is controversy over what actually happened in those tense moments the new years day of 2009. but there is also no doubt that this an amazing performance by jordan to portray the 24 hours leading up to that moment of a human being whose life was tragically taken. i haven't been wrecked by a film like i was by this one in quite some time.

Mike N (fr) wrote: a thought provoking and beautifully told story..i'm glad i checked it out.

Ursula M (es) wrote: We got to support our BLACK MOVIES YALL!

Helen E (kr) wrote: Bit of a difficult one to rate. It was cliche of course but it was tongue in cheek...just got a bit confused as to how they wanted the movie to come across. The acting was pretty terrible but was that the whole idea? You just don't know! I thought Juliet Landau was cast perfectly and there was a sufficient amount of gore, but I just don't think it'll remain a classic for me being a horror movie fan and all. Very srange...gotta say though, I didn't see that twist coming...sort of threw the original slasher formula out of the window...kind of like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane although that's a much better film than this. It's worth a watch coz it is kinda original in a weird sort of way, lol, but for horror fans one else will get it!

Geraldine A (nl) wrote: I love this. I fucking love this. Its not about darby's life, its about his lyrics. I dont know how accurate the film was but its still damn good a story to tell. not to mention the awesome soundtrack. It's not a movie to "idolize" Darby crash neither were they trying to prove that he was "god" of punk or whatever... it was just somebody's life that we could identify with. i say fuck the haters, just watch it. O and shane west did a damn great job! thumbs up!

Christian C (de) wrote: Powerful performance by Wilkinson and a powerhouse performance by Lange (who actually stole the show). This is an very interesting story about a modern issue rarely thought about but nevertheless, profound.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: Wanted to shoot myself after seeing this

Shorty S (kr) wrote: funny if your very drunk

Spencer S (nl) wrote: There are many conventions in this film that make it really great as a thriller, and a good horror film. Many things about this film reminded me of 2009's "Orphan" mostly because of the main antagonist's shady past, her connections to a horrible childhood, and trying to seduce all the men around her. Jennifer Jason Leigh has never been creepier or more anally retentive than she is opposite Fonda. Both women are very strong choices for this film, and give stellar performances. What really takes away from this dynamic are the steamy scenes that pander. Nudity, seduction, and over-the-top scenes bring this film very close to B-movie. The ending is even annoyingly underwhelming and anti-climactic, for a story that is so built up throughout, and dramatic at every turn. The premise was interesting, but some of the directorial decisions and parts of the script really took away from the tension.

Sylvie D (ag) wrote: 1,5 stars for the mountain shots but not the movie itself

Jordan W (de) wrote: I loved this movie as a kid, I have not seen it in years but would love to get my hands on it to relive some good memories.

Brett W (br) wrote: One of the most confusing, unappealing sci-fi films I've ever seen. In this early Roland Emmerich disaster, super-badass-chainsmoker 'Felix Stone' takes a quick twenty minute jaunt through the Blade Runner set (music and all) and then proceeds to a mining station in space where a group of ex-cons-turned pilots and a bunch of teenage boy navigators reenact scenes from 'Sleepers' and 'Top Gun' while they wait (apparently) for some sort of invasion from a rival mining corporation, in what amounts to THE ALAMO: IN SPACE! Emmerich's early script writing philosophy; the cut and paste method. If he likes, it goes in!... no matter how badly juxtaposed against the preceding or following scene! Lighthearted fun followed by a teenage boy's suicide? Intense action packed dogfight following a teenage boy's alluded shower rape? Sure! Fortunately Mr. Emmerich was able to sort out his vision for the perfect summer blockbuster by the time of Independence Day... Good for us.

John B (ag) wrote: Although critically revered, Last Exit to Brooklyn is not compelling enough to keep your attention. These are unsympathetic characters that you feel nothing for despite the film's best efforts.