Night of the Living Heads

Night of the Living Heads

Night of the Living Heads

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Alberto A (de) wrote: Why does everything that has to do with Russia is so freaking long? The film is not bad, but I don't really think that the plot works for a Russian epic. It looks like some of the dialogues are extremely irrelevant. Why would they make remake of 12 Angry Men when its play structure works fine? The Russian cultural adherence is interesting, it's just Nikita's choice of structure doesn't work for me.

Michel N (au) wrote: A very good movie that might let someones see it as a Dutch version of Crash, but that is really more realistic and touching than the Oscar winning Crash!The cast is so nice and the movie is so simple in the form yet very intense in the content!

Rachael H (ru) wrote: I tried giving it a chance, but I was bored the whole time...

Troy L (de) wrote: Informative from the mouths of the people involved with American Hardcore at the time but lacks any insight on how the movement of Hardcore continued to this day with most viewing it as ending as they had aged themselves and moved on from the scene. Nice to see some older footage and show posters. Not recommended if you are trying to get into hardcore.

Whitney R (ca) wrote: this is the greatest film of all time. truly a hidden gem.

Chad D (ag) wrote: What a waste of time....Not even remotely enjoyable.

Wes S (br) wrote: Awesome underdog film with some killer performances from Jeff Bridges and Edward Furlong. Bridges plays an ex-con Jack who's estranged teenage son shows up the day he gets released, putting a strain on his plans to live a low key life and his attempts to keep clean when his boy starts getting mixed up with some street kids in the slummy neighborhood. Awesome story about family and redemption. Definite tearjerker

Alex K (br) wrote: Zachary Tobeck Enjoyed This Movie On DVD Once When I One Time Brought It In.

Jenna P (ag) wrote: it was really stereotypical and the language was pretty strong considering the kids were so young

bill s (au) wrote: A remake of the way overrated 1980's slasher movie can not even come close to the original.

Eric J (fr) wrote: Not too bad considering the era in which it was made

Chris H (br) wrote: A fun thriller that could have been so much more if not for a sub par third act. That being said the concept is strong and the acting is solid enough to make this an above average sci-fi/thriller.