Night of the Running Man

Night of the Running Man

A Las Vegas cab driver finds a million dollars of stolen money in his cab after his fare is murdered. Soon after, a ruthless hitman is in persuit; he will stop at nothing to recover the money and dispose of all witnesses.

A Las Vegas cab driver finds a million dollars of stolen money in his cab after his fare is murdered. Soon after, a ruthless hitman is in persuit; he will stop at nothing to recover the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kris R (mx) wrote: This looks like a typical large family regardless of ethnic background!

James O (nl) wrote: The final piece is greater than the sum of the parts. Woody and Kingsley lay it on too thick to be credible characters and its left to Emily Mortimer to put in a convincing performance to hold the film together. The plot is fairly simple but its very well directed and the tension feels very real. At its best when Noriega and Mortimer share the screen but still gripping when they're not the main protagonists. Just a good thriller that'll keep you interested throughout.

Ali M (kr) wrote: a dramatical story between a kid,isold,kelvin,fred and insurance agent(Forest Whitaker).

Paul D (gb) wrote: Dennis Hopper is in blowing up Speedesque mode again but he is in an inferior film. Seagal is less energetic but has found another poor excuse for a movie.

Ian C (ru) wrote: Although Hopkins is immense he doesn't resemble Nixon at all. He definitely should have used a prosthetics like the excellent Paul Sorvino as Kissinger. Allen is good in support as is Woods and Powers Boothe and at over three hours running time, it doesn't drag at all.

Tyson P (kr) wrote: good characters, bad fight scenes. More for girls probably but still not recommendable for them either.

Steve W (ru) wrote: tarantino based daryl hannahs character in kill bill on this films character , the eye scene was supposedly shot in a morgue using a real body...YUK!!!

Tamara H (au) wrote: Normally don't like this kind of movie, but this one definately looks worth the watch. Definatley willing to pay the ridiculous ticket price to see this one!

Richard M (fr) wrote: Important prejudice parable based on the Arthur Miller novel. Despite its giant plot holes, fine performances create a thought-provoking study of dangerous cultural tribalism.

Anthony Z (ca) wrote: Having never read the Kama Sutra, I don't know if this movie is somehow linked with it, though I wouldn't be surprised if it were. This movie is an outstanding historical film, and it exudes an exotic raw sexuality that is most unusual to encounter in historical dramas. The film's main theme has to do with the difference between love and lust and the morality of both types of human sexuality. And, the message given in the movie seems most sensible, with a final position of valuing each of them, though valuing love more. This is a most unusual point of view to encounter in Western movies, and it was very surprising to encounter in this film, though it was a most refreshing and honest experience of another possible ethic. The scenery and cinematography in this film were stunningly beautiful, and this makes the theme and plot deliciously seductive. After watching the movie you feel as if you have lived a few hours in a historical India. The story doesn't, I think, give any answers to one of humankind's most difficult moral dilemmas, but it does show that ethical choices are best left to the individual, and should not be decided for them. Another question, though only faintly addressed in the film, is what exactly composes an intrusion of power upon this decision. Since the movie is a historical drama, it touches mainly upon the most clear situation only. And, as great films do, it makes the audience partake of both types of human emotion simply by watching.