Night Patrol

Night Patrol

The streets of Los Angeles are crawling with weirdos, hookers, peeping toms and perverts. And this time, they're wearing badges! Murray Langston, Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, Billy Barty, Jaye P. Morgan, Andrew Dice Clay, Pat Morita, Kitten Natividad and The Unknown Comic lead a shameless all-star cast in this cult classic in the tradition of AIRPLANE and POLICE ACADEMY, filled with kooky cops, gassy midgets, tough lesbians, sick humor, gross gags, gratuitous nudity and more!

A hapless police officer is transferred to the night shift even as he clandestinely pursues a career as a stand up comedian. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seraphia Bunny S (ag) wrote: This movie was okay. Not that great but not that bad either.

Taylor H (ag) wrote: Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a comedy written by Steve Carr in 2009 about an everyday single father who is struggling to raise his daughter. This unlikely hero takes extreme measures to show that this mall is focused on the safety of its customers. Though very few workers at this mall are actually worried with their careers, Paul Blart continues to identify himself as a serious security guard. When the mall is taken over by a seemingly harmless colleague of his and a group of his colleague's helpers, Paul Blart quickly jumps into action. The moment he realizes that his once endearing colleague has taken his daughter and potential girlfriend hostage, Blart begins to show that he is the hero that he always believed he could be.. This comedy is intended to give the audience a laugh to remember. Similar to his previous movies, like Pitch Perfect, Steve Carr continuously creates jokes that revolve around Blart's weight and the fact that he needs sugar almost every hour. Apart from the insulting jokes, there is the question about language. Fortunately, parents are able to relax because the language is simply mild. There is only one curse word throughout the entire set; however, the movie does also use God's name in vain. These sets of words are used during one of the few violent scenes. These violent scenes go as far as using stuffed animals to hit, guns in hopes of shooting, and threats to scare the main characters into backing down. In addition to violent scenes, there are only a few scenes involving sexuality. During these suggestive scenes, Paul Blart is seen kissing his new girlfriend after saving her life for only a couple seconds, Blart is also briefly seen making googly eyes at the girl he finds beautiful, and one other scene that is slightly longer includes two girls fighting inside of a Victoria's Secret store. The fight within Victoria Secret does include a brief peek at one of the lady's involved in the fights bra, but nothing more is shown. Through all of the random scenes in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Carr manages to convey the idea of never doubting yourself. Every character within this movie sees Blart as the odd man out until the day he saves the mall and gets the girl of his dreams. While viewing this movie myself I had quite a few laughs, but never truly appreciated the movie until I found the value of the message. Usually movies are less dramatic in selling the message to you, but the presentation was quite entertaining in the end. Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie for a family night in with the children, but not as a date night movie. I hope that everyone takes the same amount of laughs away as I did, and just remember to have a completely open mind while viewing this comedic movie.

Tony G (kr) wrote: Rated R....totally ghetto, but has some very funny moments. Must put the kids to bed. But, I had to watch it twice. A good laugh.....wouldn't make the top 100 !!!!

Alfredo G (it) wrote: Not your average run of the mill western. This movie has a great story, funny moments, and two strikingly hot women, its about time Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek joined forces.

Juli N (es) wrote: Another eunuch riding on the coattails of Clive Barker's genius! While mildly entertaining it's a lukewarm effort at best!

Essi P (ru) wrote: A pretty amusing Swedish comedy with some great scenes that make fun of American cinema. Don't ever fuck with Benny the cop.

Nic M (ca) wrote: Very good movie. I'm at a loss for words. Would recommend to everyone!!!

Gabriel C (nl) wrote: Shrek 2 improves upon the first movie with crisper animation and some sly pop-culture gags.

Luke P (us) wrote: A wonderful classic for all ages!

Jamie I (jp) wrote: I must say I am more a fan of the original John Waters flick. (He makes a chuckle worthy cameo during "Good Morning Baltimore.") This version is pure camp. Nikki Blonsky sings her little heart out and she has such a terrific voice. I like all of her songs. One question about her wardrobe...were they trying to make her look unflattering? I did however think she looked much better in her 60s dresses. My favorite song I originally thought was "Welcome to the 60s" but after listening to the soundtrack which I promptly got my greedy little hands on I decided it was without a doubt "Good Morning Baltimore." That adorable girl doesn't need any dialogue or John Travolta interrupting her singing. And speaking of Travolta he looked hideous! I mean nasty. Didn't he used to sing pretty well (or was that all in my head)? His singing is painful in Hairspray. I'll admit I've never been to Baltimore (it's true). Is Travolta's accent a real accent? I mean who in the wide world talks like that? Moving along I used to watch "What I Like About You." I now recall Amanda Bynes got on my nerves in that TV show too. Boy she's annoying. Michelle Pfeiffer was wicked as Velma. Christopher Walken, James Marsden (don't mind looking at him plus he's got a nice set of pipes), Queen Latifah and Brittany Snow were all fantastic. Jerry Stiller loyal to his Hairspray roots makes a cameo. I now know why so many young girls are in love with "High School Musical." Even if he is a presumed primadonna Zac Efron is nice to look at and is a great singer. I don't think I could enjoy him on "High School Musical" though. I was more attracted to his 60s mod/Beatles look. Slicked back hair and tight pants look nice on that kid. I bought this for my mom for Christmas. It's not one I would own though. It's cute. I'll leave it up to you.

Louise D (mx) wrote: Not one of the classic screwballs, but some good goofing around and pleasingly self-assured leading lady.

Wirkola F (nl) wrote: Todo un despropsito.Esta pelicula desperdicia su concepto en otro filme de accion generica.Es aburrida y carece del concepto desafiante de la caricatura en la que se inspira.A Peter Chung le debe de haber dado un infarto al ver esta cosa.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Enjoyable 70s comedy/sports crossover with some of your standard growing-up life lessons thrown in. Pretty stellar young cast, too.

Tommaso D (fr) wrote: Amazing cinemtography and one of the most original plots of the last decade make Looper a fantastic experience for SCi-Fi lovers.The way Bruce Willis (old Joe) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (young Joe) interact is a pleasure to watch.If wasn't for the flaws that a movie regarding time travel inevitably has, Looper would be oe of the best movies of its genere.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: A mystery bag in the hands of an obedient man!As the title suggests, it's all about the bag, a mystery bag. An interesting angle of storytelling. It was a good mystery, though they did not get it right. The plot line had all the ingredients, but while developing it, they had lost the way. I was not impressed with the writing and also the direction. It is engaging with a fine pace, but visually all the crucial film scenes looked so flat or comparable with other classic films. More or less, everything is predictable, except the end twist.This is a one day tale. Most of the film takes place in one night with full of mixup and going after the truth. A gangster boss hires a hit-man for an important job that he must safeguard a bag till he arrive to get it in an isolated motel. During waiting for his boss, the bag man goes through unexpected events which eventually taking many turns, that comes to an end with a twist. With the limited cast, everyone got a fair share of screen.The actors like Cusack and De Niro are the advantage, but this is not an ideal film for such actors. Lately they and many other aged actors are into such films. So it is expected, but not expected to fail all their attempts. This film was okay, if you are not looking for a masterpiece thriller. Can be watched once, but instantly forgettable film. So film like this cannot be recommended, but if you decide to watch, don't expect anything other than just an entertainment or timepass. That is what it is good at.4.5/10